Feb 6, 2015

Bath & Body Works Love & Sunshine Haul!

Happy Friday Everybody!

Kickin' the weekend off right with a Bath & Body Works Haul!

First thing today, I made my way to my local BBW to exchange out two candles. I exchanged Relax and Sunshine for Love and Sunshine and Smile. Of course, I ended up coming out with more than my exchanged candles. ;) Plus, I had some new items I purchased last week that fit right into this haul which I'm calling my Love & Sunshine haul. New candles, new body care, new PocketBacs and just more NEW NEW NEW! We can never keep up with BBW when they are constantly putting new products out but hey! I'm not complaining although my wallet decides to every now and then haha! The Love and Sunshine Floorset officially launches on the 9th! What's on your BBW wishlist? Until next time ... XoXo. FYI, please check out my video below and give it a big thumbs up for me! :)

P.S. Forgive the annoying object that is my camera in this video. I didn't realize it was zooming in and out until I started editing. New lens = still learning. 

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