Dec 29, 2014

Bath & Body Works Winter 2014 Semi-Annual Sale Haul!

Hello again, Monday!

Today, it's time for my BBW Winter SAS Haul!

I will not be stepping back into a BBW until after the sale or when new items become available because I'm very much stocked up on all things BBW now! ;)

So ... my BBW SAS hauling started at 8AM December 26th! I went to various BBW and White Barn stores and dug my heart out in those bins! How I wish they would organize better and make it easier to find things than using those stinkin' bins. I found some pretty good finds and with gift cards from Christmas stacked with coupons, I felt I got an even better deal! I'm excited to share this video with you guys! Let me know if you found any awesome deals in those 75% off bins! Xo. :)

1 comment:

  1. I love your picks! I wish I could find some of those candles you talked about.