Oct 13, 2014

Bath & Body Works "Perfect Party" Candle Haul!

Hey Everyone!

So a few months ago, I posted about this candle collection I'm sharing with you today! It's called the Perfect Party Collection. They are currently in select Bath & Body Works stores only and so I made a few phone calls and finally found them ... 4 hours away from me in Ohio ... but still I found them! ;) If your interested in finding out if they are in a store near you, I recommend picking up the phone and calling BBW's in your area.

Now onto the video ...

There are 8 candles in this new collection and I'm happy I'm able to show and share my thoughts on each one with you guys! I hope you enjoy the video and let me know which one you are most excited for!? Oh, what we candle addicts will do for some new wax babies like drive 4 hours. :-)

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