Oct 15, 2014

Bath & Body Works Holiday Traditions Haul!

Hey Everyone!

I'm back with what I like to call a "Holiday Traditions" haul from Bath & Body Works!

Now, did I need anymore Holiday Traditions? Umm, no. Haha! But who can ever resist new packaging!? I feel like I need at least one of any old product with new packaging for my "collection." ;) I'm actually trying to down-size my collection within the next couple of days. I'm making myself purge fragrance mists for sure, some candles for sure, and just any scent I honestly know I can live without. Lol. Although I love the Holiday Tradition fragrances, for instance, I feel I only need the travel size since I only like wearing them in the Winter. Whereas, I used to feel I needed every fragrance in the full-size ritual and let's be honest ... It's just too hard to use it all up by yourself. I even rotate lotions every night and I feel I get nowhere sometimes! So ... keep an eye out for an updated blog sale here soon! 

Now onto the haul ...  

I hope you enjoy the video and maybe see something you would like to go out and pick up! :-)

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