Jul 23, 2014

Bath & Body Works Artisan Market Hand Soaps!

Hello Everybody!

Today I snatched up 4 of the new Artisan Market deep cleansing hand soaps from BBW! The actual launch date is August 4th in-stores.

➜ Brown Sugar & Carrots: A unique blend of glazed carrots, creamy vanilla and sweet cinnamon pumpkin.

Gingered Peach: A unique blend of juicy peach, persimmon and a pinch of ginger.

Sweet Plum & Verbena: A unique blend of mirabelle plum, watery verbena and fig leaf.

Honeyed Nectarines: A unique blend of sweet nectarines, lemon zest and a touch of honey.

Brown Sugar & Carrots smells like a freshly baked carrot cake! Umm, mouth watering! Gingered Peach obviously smells like juicy peaches but it has this Tuscan Herbs scent to it as well. Weird? Yeah, a little bit but honestly not that bad. Sweet Plum & Verbena is straight up plum smelling! It's fruity and I actually like it! Honeyed Nectarines is actually quite unique to me. You pick up the tangerines which is both sweet and sour, a sweet lemon note mixed with a little bit of honey. It's a winner for sure!

Favorite: Brown Sugar & Carrots!
Least Favorite: Gingered Peach! 

Can't wait to get my hands on more!

I was also able to get the Artisan Market mini lotions to go along with my mini mists! 

If you haven't read that post yet, go here! I give my 1st impressions on each of these fragrances. Anyways, in lotion form I prefer Lemon Pomegranate Cream. In mist form, I prefer Peach & Honey Almond. Each product form always smells a little different from each other so I suggest you sniff all forms. You may like one better in one form and another in a different form. Does that make sense? Haha! 

Which soap do you think you will like best? :)


  1. ? How much are those mini artisan lotions are they part of the 3/$12 travel pricing or a little bit more?

  2. Are the large sized lotions,showergels, tmcs and mists going to be the standard $12.50/$14.50 aka B3g32/b2g1 pricing? Also have you heard if the 3 wicks will be a 2/$22 or are they gonna still do this $12 deal?

  3. Those lotion bottles are so cute! I'm tempted by them...