Jun 2, 2014

Bath & Body Works Review: Perfect Summer!

Happy Monday BBW Fans!

Today I'm reviewing the Perfect Summer Candles and Endless Weekend Foaming Hand Soap sent to me via Fragrance Insiders! Even though these were sent to me for free, all opinions are my own.

The three mini candle fragrances sent were Sunset Beach, Beach Day, and Turquoise Waters!

Sunset Beach
"The sweet fragrance of easygoing days at the beach filled with fruit pops, sugarcane and sunrays!

Beach Day
"Blissful beach days are in this blend of saltwater, lemon leaves and citrus musk!" 

Turquoise Waters
"It's a sure thing that this blend of sea spray, sunlight and beach grass will transport you to the Pacific Ocean's turquoise waters!"

Let's talk about Sunset Beach and how much I like it! I currently have the Sunset Beach Wallflower plugged-in my guest bathroom and it makes me happy! Every time I walk in there, I smell sweet fruity goodness! I can imagine lounging on the beach sipping a fruity drink or even a popsicle! Because we all eat popsicles on the beach right!? Haha! I recommend checking this fragrance out!

Beach Day! Beach Day is my least favorite fragrance out of the three. It's obviously a citrus-y scent as you can tell by the notes. If you love citrus smelling fragrances the most then I would recommend checking this fragrance out because it would be for you for sure! 

Turquoise Waters! This is not only my favorite out of the three sent to me but also my favorite in the entire collection! It's the freshest fragrance out of the three. It's like being at the beach at sunset and just taking a deep breath! It's clean and refreshing and a really nice fragrance to have around. I consider this fragrance to be relaxing in my opinion. :) 

I know a many people didn't like the packaging on these because this line of candles contain no lids but I quite enjoy the packaging! I love the bright colors of the jar! So colorful and definitely reminiscent of Summer! Plus, with no labels, they can easily fit into anybody's home decor style. 

Moving onto the Endless Weekend soap! First off, the packaging is adorable! Second, I'm obsessed with this fragrance! I love the raspberry mixed with the vanilla which makes it fruity yet sweet. It is a tad floral but not overwhelmingly floral. Check out this fragrance and your well on your way to having your perfect summer BBW style! ;) 

Which fragrance from this collection is your favorite? Sound off in the comments below! ♡

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  1. I have Endless Weekend as a hair mist. I really like the scent.