Mar 25, 2014

NYX Revenge Palette & Swatches!

Hey Everyone!

Today I have an overdue review on my NYX Revenge Palette I shared with you guys a few weeks ago on Instagram and Twitter! Being a big huge fan of the TV show, I knew I had to have this palette as soon as I saw it was available! The swatches look a little funny because my husband swatched while I took the pictures. Bless his heart ... he tried though haha! So excuse the funny looking swatches. Let's get revenge-y shall we? See what I did there!? Ahh, Nolan Ross I love you for pinning that term. ;)

So ... here is what the palette looks like in pictures!

From left to right top row of eyeshadows: Reckoning, Truth, Intrigue, Power, and Infinity.

From left to right bottom row of eyeshadows: Destiny, Revelations, Vendetta, Charade, and Duplicity. 
Gotta love the last swatch he did right!? Lol. 

From left to right blushes: Secrets, Illusion, and Chaos. 

Now, onto my thoughts. If you noticed ... we left out the swatches of the glosses. Why? The majority of them were so sheer they weren't picking up on camera. The two most pigmented are Love and Envy. Which honestly makes sense because mostly Emily is seen wearing a nude lip. The only blush shade I like is the light pink (Secrets) which is a gorgeous blue-toned pink and is pretty pigmented and easily blendable. I think this particular shade of pink looks great on lighter and darker skin tones. It's very versatile. My most used eyeshadows in the palette include Truth (all over base), Destiny (eyelid), Intrigue (crease and bottom eyeliner), Revelations (crease), and Reckoning (under brow highlight). Now, keep in mind, this palette only costs $24.99 plus tax of course. You aren't getting the most wonderful quality here however, this palette isn't bad considering the price you pay for it. Swatches of the eyeshadows tended to look chalky but once applied to the lid, I didn't feel they were chalky at all. I doubt these shadows would hold up all day without a base/primer. I used my NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Cottage Cheese before applying which in my opinion really helped the longevity. I love how the palette contains colors I feel are so Emily Thorne. With her, you have the softer girl-next-door shades and then for Victoria ... the more sultry shades. You definitely get a good combination of both characters! Also included are the cards which tell you step-by-step how to get each characters looks but I prefer winging it. ;) 

Would I recommend this product? The answer is without a doubt YES if you are a Revenge fan. I love feeling like I'm supporting the show, haha, by having this in my makeup collection. If you are just a NYX fan, I'd say PASS. There are other NYX Eyeshadow Palettes I feel are better quality for you. For instance, I love the Love in Paris Eyeshadow Palettes which contain very similar colors to the ones found in the palette. 

A little side note ... the box can be used to store things. There is a pull tab which pulls the makeup out and allows you to store under it. How Emily of them to include that little detail. ;) 

Well, I hope each of you have a revenge-y wonderful week! XoXo! ♡

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