Mar 8, 2014

Home Decor: My Closet Makeover & Tour!

It's Saturday! Yay! I hope you all have a fabulous, relaxing weekend!

So recently, I decided it was time for a little closet redo. And by little, I mean big! My master closet is one of the main things in my house that has bothered me since we moved in. It's a smaller walk-in closet and it has took 3 times to get it right! When we first moved in, we kind of just threw in some of  the metal/wire hanging that's adjustable. And for the time being, it was fine because we just wanted to move into our house after waiting months for it to be built. But being the neat freak that I am, I in no way love metal/wire closets. I think wood looks so much more elegant. The second redo of my closet, we purchased this Allen + Roth closet system from Lowe's. It was supposed to be white but ended up looking more off white which I didn't like from the start. It only had one drawer, 2 shelves, but the hanging was pretty substantial. On the side walls of my closet, we kept the wire/metal shelves for shoes and folded clothes which again, I wasn't a fan of. About a year, or a little longer had passed since we installed that closet system, and since the Allen + Roth closet system isn't the bright white I was looking for... I was ready for a redo even thought they do have coordinating shelves etc. Hey, sometimes it takes awhile to get it right! ;)

So planning what to do next, I was honestly getting frustrated. I felt the closet was just too small for me so I set out on a different idea. I thought I'd turn my guest bedroom into a really nice walk-in closet. Well, we had everything planned and ready to order but at the last minute I decided I didn't want to go through with it. I couldn't justify turning a bedroom into a closet and basically messing the walls up because if I ever wanted to convert it back to a bedroom, the walls would be a mess. If I had one extra bedroom in my house, I'd went through with it but since I don't it was a no go.

So back to my small walk-in closet. When we went to IKEA awhile back, I got the idea to do the PAX system in my closet. Well, we stumbled upon Martha Stewart. Martha Stewart has her own closet systems and you can design yours online and then order everything from Home Depot. You basically just give the dimensions of your closet and Martha creates you a design. Now, you can customize this design of course. If you want more hanging, more shelves, more drawers, etc... It's all up to you. And for what I wanted, Martha ended up being a few hundred dollars cheaper! And can I say that I'm 100% satisfied with the way it looks. It looks elegant and finally .... bright white! I added many more shelves and 4 more drawers. I even added a "medium" hanging space for dresses. I'm finally content with my little walk-in closet. I'm even considering redoing my husbands closet to match mine. And he loves the idea of doing another closet haha! ;) It's easy to be the designer but hard to be the handy man. Thanking God for my handy dandy hubby! :) I know it's a lot of work and he does it without a complaint. What can I say? Third times a charm. ♡

FYI, the hangers I use are called Huggable Hangers. They come in any color imaginable and they are great! They are fabric hangers so your clothes don't fall off and they are thin so they don't take as much space as regular hangers. Be sure to check them out! You won't regret it!

Don't forget to check out my Closet Tour video at the end of this post! :)


Long-sleeve shirts went on the empty bar. I had already started removing clothes at this point. 



  1. Your closet was well-organized before (you should see mine...) but looks excellent now and very colour coordinated. Cheers!

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