Mar 17, 2014

Haul: IKEA, Kate Spade, Body Central, Ulta, + More!

Happy Monday!

Over the weekend, my husband and I took a trip to West Chester, OH to visit IKEA and Cincinnati, OH to do some other shopping! I didn't buy a whole lot but I did make a couple of great purchases! Well, in my opinion, and of course I wanted to share them with you guys! ;) I did film a video, which I share below, but I didn't include my IKEA purchases because I've done tucked and squared them away so I will show you how I decorated with those purchases in a moment!

So let's talk Kate Spade. I knew I wanted a "smaller" purse for Spring and Summer. When it starts getting hot, like really hot, there is nothing more annoying to me than having to carry a big, heavy purse haha! I wanted something I could just throw some cash in, a pair of sunglasses, and maybe a lipstick or two. ;) Ya know, keep it lightweight. I didn't intend to purchase an expensive brand but I came along this in-store and sorta basically fell in love with it. I actually talked myself out of purchasing it the first time we went in but decided to go back and get it! Even better, it matches my new Kate Spade sunglasses I showed in a previous haul! It's a win-win. ♡ Check it out here!

Body Central. I recently watched another YouTuber's video and saw where they purchased the cutest shirt like ... ever. What made it better? It's so affordable at only $14.90 + tax. Check it out here!

Ulta. Has anyone had any luck finding the OPI Glitter Off Peelable Base Coat? It was online for a few days but then disappeared which I'm assuming means means sold out. I've looked on eBay, Amazon, and even called a few Ulta's and none of them have it in stock. So of course I checked the Ulta in Cincinnati too and still no luck! But I did find a couple of the new Essie Spring 2014 polishes! I picked up two because I had a $2 off coupon for an Essie Resort Collection polish, a $3.50 off $10 coupon, plus I had reward points to use which basically resulted in me buying one polish and getting the 2nd for free! Yay! I picked up Resort Fling and Hide & Go Chic! Pretty!

Meijer. People have been finding the new Sally Hansen Palm Beach Jellies Collection here. I recently visited two and didn't see this collection but luckily I found it in Cincinnati! I'm not exactly sure how these colors will appear on the nail. They are clear yet pigmented with a true "jelly" like look to them. Can't wait to see how they look on the nails! I picked up Watermelon and Grape Jelly!

Walgreen's. Even more polish! New shades from Sally Hansen in a new display! Gorgeous colors for Spring and Summer! I picked up Dive In and Reef-Raf!

Nordstrom! I picked up the cutest tank by Free People! It's a purplish color with cute detailing around the neckline. It's very soft, flowy, and has the high-low thing going on. Even the lady who checked us out kept talking about how cute she thought it was! You should check it out here! She was actually so busy talking about it, she forgot to remove the security tag from the shirt and so we had to go all the way back to Nordstrom to get it removed once we realized we were the ones setting off security alarms in every store we were entering and leaving LOL. Not fun ... Embarrassing!

While a different lady was removing the security tag, I spotted some Sperry Top-Siders I think I'll have to purchase here soon. They have a cute nautical print! Be on the lookout for those in a future haul! I'm very into the nautical print this year! I seen it on so many items at Nordstrom! I even decorated my guest bathroom with nautical decor haha! Ok, enough rambling! I hope you enjoyed this post and be sure to check out my video below please! :) XoXo, Kelley.

Lastly, IKEA. I'm going to show pictures of what I purchased but also how I used it to decorate! :)

Hung in our master bath. It's big! Fills the wall up well! It really brightens up the room! $39.99

White Candle Pedestal "Ersatta" $8.99
Candles "Fenomen" (Pack of 4) $1.99

White Candle Pedestal "Ersatta" $9.99
Candle "Hemsjo" $1.99

Four "Smycka" Artificial Flowers $.99 each
I wanted all different colors to add a nice Spring touch to our living room! 

Top view so you can see each color of flower. 

Another view...

"Fejka" Artificial Potted Plant $4.99
"Druvflader" Decoration Vase $5.99

"Fejka" Artificial Potted Plant $4.99
"Druvflader" Decoration Vase $5.99
Love the look of this plant and vase so I bought one for our master bath as well! 

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  1. The Kate Spade bag is beautiful.
    My city is finally getting a Kate Spade store. I can't wait!

    1. Thank you! :) Kate Spade is easily becoming one of fave stores! Glad you are getting one! Wish I was and didn't have to drive to one lol.

  2. Hi, I've been wondering, what fabric color are your couches ? I know they're from la-z-boy but I'm not too sure on the color ... lol i know kind of random but they're just lovely! Your entire home is really (:

    1. Thank you! :-) The couches are in the color oatmeal.