Mar 31, 2014

Bath & Body Works French Provence + Drugstore Haul!

Haul Time Monday!

I'm back with my most recent Bath & Body Works Haul! Today, BBW launched a whole new floor-set with all sorts of new items! So it was to the French Countryside I went! I didn't go too crazy! I only picked up the items I really wanted. While I love Bath & Body Works ... I can't say this is my favorite Collection to come out. I'm always the least excited for Spring and Summer Collections and most excited for the Fall and Winter Collections. But, with that said, there are plenty of things I do like from this Collection as you will see in my video below and I do recommend everything I bought. :) One thing I love most about Springtime at BBW is the packaging! Everything is so cheerful in my opinion and makes me look forward to warmer weather! Oh, and the SAS in June. Too soon? Lol.

I picked up a few items from various drugstores over the weekend and got some really great deals! I show these items in this video as well and explain the deals on a few of the items. Links below! ;)

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  1. I think the honey almond smells just like the True Blue Spa shea cashmere shampoo. I havent tried the TBS shea body products though so I don't know if they smell the same.