Feb 7, 2014

Physicians Formula Sexy Booster Va Va Voom Mascara Review!

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Cheers to the weekend! Yay! :)

Two weekends ago, I was on the hunt for the NEW Physicians Formula Va Va Voom Mascara! I couldn't find it locally so while I was out of town, the hunt continued! I tried Ulta, Target, Wal-Mart, and Walgreens with no luck. I finally found it at Rite Aid! Even better, the mascara came with a rebate I was able to send in and will be receiving my full purchase price of $9.95 back! ;)

The major thing I love about this mascara is the packaging. Honestly, it's what drew me to try it in the first place. The bold red tube with black lace and an adorable stiletto charm ... who could resist? Another plus, the rebate. It's a risk-free guarantee. You get your money back! The design of the brush/wand I also love. It's the perfect size, not to large where you feel you may poke an eye out haha! It reminds me of the Covergirl LastBlast mascara wands. It has the same pointy bristles and rubbery textured feel. If you are a fan of the Covergirl wands then you would probably like this one as well. This mascara claimed to be "infused with the scent of vanilla." It is! This is the best smelling mascara EVER. What's not to love about vanilla smelling cosmetics! Am I right?

Two words: the formula! First of all, this mascara claims to be flake-free, smudge-free, and clump-free. This mascara didn't flake nor did it smudge however, it was clumping on the brush right out of the tube. To me it felt like it was a mascara I had for a couple of months that was starting to dry out. Except, it wasn't a couple months old, it was brand new. This mascara was a clumpy mess on the wand which made it difficult to work with and apply. The formula needs to be somewhat wet so you can work with it. Did it give me crazy good volume? No. Could it have had great potential had the formula been a little more wet? Yes.

No, I would not recommend this product.

The packaging drew me in. The scent is amazing. The wand got me excited for the application of the mascara. But the formula was a bummer! For now, my L'Oreal Voluminous Million Lashes Excess still reigns as my favorite drugstore mascara.

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