Feb 17, 2014

Nashville, TN Part 1: Bath & Body Works Outlet Haul!

It's Monday! Yay! (Insert sarcasm here) ;)

Over the weekend, my husband and I traveled to Nashville, TN, Lebanon, TN, and Lexington, KY! We were all over the place this weekend! For real, everywhere lol. It's been a crazy, busy but fun weekend. I enjoy traveling way more than I enjoy staying home. I like to see what's out there. Anyways, my main reason for wanting to go to TN in the first place was to visit a Bath & Body Works Outlet. I had never been to one and so obviously I had the "itch" to go since I'm a BBW lover. ;) First impression, this particular one was sort of a hole in the wall. Some of the soaps I picked up were sticky. Literally, the whole bin of discounted soaps were sticky. It was gross trying to dig through to find a scent you wanted. So much so that when we checked out I asked for them to be bagged separate from everything else. Those babies got cleaned off when I got home haha! This store wasn't all that decorated or nice. I was actually kind of disappointed. However, the SA who checked us out was very friendly.  I did manage to pick up some good items though and at really good prices!


I picked up several mason jars in my favorite scents because they were on sale for $7 + I had a 40% off coupon to use towards them as well making them $4.20 a piece. 

These candles were $7.99 a piece + my additional 40% off coupon made them $4.79 a piece. 

The two soaps in the older packaging I snagged for $1.37 a piece and the two in the new packaging were $1.62 a piece. 

I picked up these for $2.40 a piece. Way better than the original price of $14.50 a piece. 

I picked up these for $0.75 cents a piece. 

I picked up Twisted Peppermint for $.97 cents and Sugared Lemons for $1.19. The Sleep Lavender bulbs were $1.80 a piece. 

I stopped at the AE Outlet here as well. You can see what I picked up in my video below. 

Next, we headed to the mall! One of the stores I stopped in was called The Cosmetic Market. I've never heard of this store before but I noticed they sold Smashbox cosmetics. I wanted to buy and try the Smashbox Always Sharp 3D Waterproof Eyeliner Pencil. I picked up the shade "Raven" which is a matte black. The cool thing with this eyeliner is it automatically sharpens itself every time you twist the cap back on once you are finished. So every time you use it, you start off with a fresh pointed tip!


Next was Charming Charlie! Believe it or not, I'd never heard of this store until Saturday. I've been missing out! I posted a photo of on Instagram to show the inside of the store. It's every girls dream! There is tons of jewelry, scarfs, + more accessories. I'm now hooked for life. Plus, the prices are totally affordable! 


How they package the jewelry you've purchased. 

I love this bracelet wrap! It wraps around my wrist 3 times to give a "stacked" effect. $10.

Next, we headed into ZGallerie. I've shopped this store online before but never have I been into one. It's definitely one of my favorite stores for home decor. The store is laid out beautifully! I picked up a few home decor items I thought were gorgeous! The store had a 15% off promotion going on for President's Day weekend too. This store has a mix of reasonably priced decor and then more high-end pricing. It's a nice mix of both. Either way, home decor fans ... Check this store out or online! 


How gorgeous, right? You get both for $49.95. Look here!

I bought these place mats for my kitchen bar area. $4.95 a piece. Look here!

The color is to die for! Beautiful! $12.95. Look here!

Gold Pillar $14.95. Look here!
Silver Tapers 2-pack $5.95. Look here!

Next, I headed The Body Shop because the entire store was 40% off! I knew I wanted to try a coconut scented something but wasn't sure what. I think I found a winner in the end. I tried it in-store on my hand and my hand was so soft plus it smells amazing if you are a coconut lover!


Coconut Body Milk! Look here!

Next stop .. Steve Madden! I went in for one pair of shoes but came out with a totally different pair. The pair I wanted looked so cheaply made in person so I passed. But I found some amazing Oxfords! I've wanted a pair for so long. I love them! They are the perfect shoe. Like seriously, the perfect shoe! They go with dresses, jeans, etc. Can be dressed up or down. I'm in love with these. Thanks, Steve Madden! ;)


I wore them yesterday to Lexington and they are comfortable. Couldn't find this exact pair but I found another pair which are just as cute! Look here!

Next, we headed into Kate Spade. I was looking for an umbrella but they were out of stock so I looked around the store some more and tried on several pairs of sunglasses. I found a pair I loved! My previous pair is a pair of Oakley's I've had for 2 years and they are falling apart, literally. Since I had a gift card left over from my birthday, I decided to pick these up! They are adorable! ♡


Check these out here!

Lastly, my final store at the mall was Godiva. I've never tried candy from the actual store, only bags of it you can buy at Target and places like that. I picked up 4 flavors but I'm most excited for the birthday cake flavor! FYI, I love their packaging! :)


Elegant, right? ;)


Finally found these! :)

Soft Lips Chocolate Mint Gelato!

So that was everything from the Nashville! Everything below here is from Lexington yesterday!

Why did we go to Lexington again yesterday? Well, the new CVS ad featured Birthday Cake M&M's. You heard right! BIRTHDAY CAKE! ;) Well, my local CVS didn't have them and one of the CVS stores in Lexington did so off on another adventure we went! CVS currently has an offer going o these M&M's. If you buy one pack, you can get it for $.75 cents with your CVS card plus get back $.75 cents in ExtraBucks so it's like getting them for free! If you want more than one, like me haha, they are Buy 2 Get 1 Free! If you scan your CVS card at the kiosk inside, you will be given a $4 of any $12 cosmetics purchase. I used this for some new Milani cosmetics. I had a Revlon $3 off coupon to use towards the lipstick I purchased too! 



NEW Milani Power Lip Gloss Stains in Red Control and Strawberry Sugar!
These were $6.99 a piece and I used my $4 off $12 coupon.

The Germ X's are from WalMart but the Pina Colada was from CVS. 

Revlon Lustrous Lipstick in Fifth Ave Red. Revlon brought back 5 shades (maybe more) for their vintage collection! For instance, this shade was out in the 1950's I believe. Cool, huh? It's gorgeous!

Next, Walgreens! Because this week with your Walgreens card, all Sinful Colors nail polishes are $.99 cents! Hooray! 


Left to right: Fig, Enchanted, Pistache, and Cold Leather!

I popped in Ulta really quickly for a Clinique Blush. I've heard such great things about these blushes so I wanted to try one! I went with Plum Pop! Cute names, cute packaging, gorgeous color payoff when I swatched it on my hand. I stopped into Target and WalMart as well! 



Just ate one of these ... DELICIOUS!


Blue Raspberry - Hoping this is good! 



  1. I love the luxury soaps! Are those out at regular stores now?
    I haven't been able to find any new ones since the cinder wine one I bought around Christmastime!

    1. Hey! I actually purchased them at an outlet store. I saw them in the newest product guide so I thought they were coming out but since they are out an outlet, I'm unsure. I don't know if they are just testing them in outlets and then releasing them nationwide OR if they changed their minds and aren't releasing these fragrances nationwide.

  2. Those Oreos and M&Ms sound grand. We usually don't get these in Canada.

    Revlon's Fifth Ave Red looks great! I'll be on the lookout for it!