Feb 10, 2014

Bath & Body Works | White Barn | Haul, Pics, Reviews + MORE!

Happy Monday!

I hope each of you had a wonderful weekend!

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, then you know I mentioned I had lots of goodies to share come Monday! Here I am holding true to that promise. ;) The hubby and I decided to take a road trip on Saturday and we kinda, sorta ended up a little over 4 hours away at Easton in Columbus, OH. Which of course houses White Barn! When Easton allowed phone orders; we ordered from them many, many, many times! For this reason, we spoke to two of the girls who work there quite frequently. They were always so sweet over the phone but they were just as friendly in person! It was so good to meet them! They were so kind and helpful! The first SA who spoke to us asked about our favorite types of scents and when my husband mentioned we used to order from them all of the time ... She asked where we were from. She put two and two together! She then yelled to another SA, which we'd talked to frequently when phone ordering as well, and told her our names. They both were excited to put faces to the names and couldn't believe we were actually in-store and drove all the way there. My husband did a lot of the phone ordering and one SA said she pinned him as being older than he actually was, haha!

So that was that and we were off to shopping! I was basically like a kid in a candy store! I first started off by trying to make my way to each new candle I hadn't smelled or heard of and choose my candles by finding ones I really enjoyed. Grabbing candles and throwing them in the basket. When the basket was full, they kindly offered to set it behind the counter so we could start a new basket. But it was so crowded and busy and people were just in the way. It was honestly hard to just stop and smell and see what you really liked so I was like Jordan, can we just purchase these candles and make it simple and check out? I was honestly getting frustrated because it was so busy! He agreed and I agreed to return what I didn't care for after getting pictures and notes, etc. They also had a few of the new soaps out for $3 so I grabbed some of those as well. :)

At checkout, I asked if they took Bath & Body Works coupons. She said they ONLY take the survey coupons. Guess what? I had $10 off $30 coupons and 20% off $25+ coupons but I didn't have a single survey on me. She kindly asked to see the coupons I did have. She agreed to use them since we drove so far to be there which was so kind! But for future reference, she made it clear, White Barn only accepts survey coupons. I honestly can't get over how nice these workers were! Their kindness blew me away! The kindness didn't stop there either. They offered to hold our bags for us while we shopped so we didn't have to carry them. We decided to hit Bath & Body Works (Flagship store) so I could pick up the $20 Mad About You EDT and of course I purchased a few others things. After that, we hit a couple more stores but like I said, it was extremely busy and I was honestly ready to get out of there haha! We headed back to White Barn to grab our bags and we noticed another bag had been added to our stash. The SA said it was a gift for traveling so far to shop at their store ... Again, the kindness - I was so impressed! Thanks for a great experience White Barn! :) More on the gift below.

So before leaving, we decided to stop at Cinnabon real quickly and grab a Cinnamon Roll and some drinks. We then headed back to the car. Considering we had to walk a considerable amount of distance to get to our car, outside in the freezing cold, it was ridiculous lol. A security officer on a bicycle stopped and said "Wow, you guys really have your hands full." Yep, we sure did! Jordan was carrying  6 White Barn bags which were obviously heavy. I was carrying two large Sprites, my purse, and two Cinnabon bags. My hands were about to freeze off so I had to stop and ask Jordan to switch me. I took 3 of the White Barn bags while he took the drinks. You have no idea how happy I was when we finally made it to the car haha! The things I will do for my blog! ;)

On the way back, in Florence, KY, we stopped at an Ulta so I could grab the NEW Escada perfume and I picked up a Zoya nail polish while I was there. I was looking for the NEW China Glaze Collection that had just came out but they didn't have it yet. I had a coupon for a free item, which they were out of, so they worker kindly offered me a couple of different free items. Continuing our journey back home, we stopped in Lexington, KY, and went to Target, Barnes & Noble, and Walgreens. So happy Target doesn't close until 11PM! ;) More on this haul below.

We arrived home at approx. 12:30AM. I was so tired but happy to have all of these candles to share with you guys and to have finally seen White Barn in person! So let's get into these candles shall we?


It’s a sure thing that this blend of sea spray, sunlight and beach grass will transport you to the Pacific Ocean’s turquoise waters.
Enjoy the ride of a lifetime with this blend of water flowers, eucalyptus and surf.
Palm tree - dotted beaches and bright sunny days are in this blend of green palm, aloe and agave.
Catch some beautiful rays with this blend of vibrant orange, zesty grapefruit and bright California days.
Blissful beach days are in this blend of saltwater, lemon leaves and citrus musk.
Experience one of America’s most iconic drives with a blend of ocean mist, vetiver woods and Pacific breezes.
Hello sunshine! It’s time to hit the sand with this blend of sundrenched flowers, Neroli blossom and driftwood.


From garden to table, much of French cuisine includes herbs like the ones in this blend of fresh garden greens, pear blossoms and a hint of ivy.
Experience the beauty of springtime in France’s Provence region with a blend of fresh raspberries, juicy peaches and a hint of citrus.
The luscious lemon scent of the plant that grows on country roads in Provence inspired a sunny blend of verbena blossoms and lily of the valley leaves.
A full-bodied blend of rich fruit, white wine grapes and French oak recalls an unforgettable day at a family-run vineyard in a tiny Provencal Village.
Some say French farmers plant fields of poppies simply for their beauty. This lovely blend of poppy, juicy peach and sparkling lemon is a tribute to breathtaking views of endless red petals.
This flower comes in a rainbow of colors, but the elegant white iris is the centerpiece of our delicately fresh blend of orange blossoms and blonde woods.


Experience the most celebrated flower in the garden – a blend of rose petals, violet leaves and a hint of white amber.
A bright blend as beautiful as a field of golden sunflowers with notes of fresh bergamot and white oak.
An exquisite bouquet of freshly cut freesia, jasmine and a hint of garden air.


Immerse yourself in Italy’s coffee culture with an impressive blend of rich Italian roasted coffee beans and the perfect dash of vanilla cream. Grazie for espresso!
Take yourself to Hawaii’s famous coffee fields with a lively blend of coffee beans, fresh milk and a touch of vanilla. Wake up in paradise!
Follow the fashionistas to Italy's most stylish city with a well-designed blend of sage, must and a hint of lavender. Make the streets your runway!


You’re cordially invited to enjoy a blend of pink garden roses and pear blossoms wrapped in soft must.
Offer your guests a special treat - a sugarberry spritzer. This springy, effervescent blend captures the fun and festivity of a garden party in sparkling water, sugarberries and elderflowers.
Easy and breezy as a sunny day in the garden, this blend of bright day lilies, tonka beans and bergamot is a beautiful new style of fragrance.


Sunset Beach (Beach Day): The sweet fragrance of easy-going days at the beach filled with fruit pops, sugar cane and sun-rays. 

French Lavender, Citron Cedarwood (Provence).

Bloom, Lilac Blossom, Honeysuckle (White Barn Garden).


Gorgeous cake stand but it cost $46.00!

Mini candle glass holder! $30! Lid comes off. 

Strawberry Wallflower … Hadn’t seen this one before.

Ladybug Wallflower … Hadn’t seen this one before. Bought it!

Soaps I purchased: Island White Pineapple, Wild Passion Flower, Aloha Orchid, and Tuscan Melon!

Free Gift included 5 mini candles in boxes with White Barn Bows. Each candle even had a box of matches. So nice of them! :)

Finally, that is everything I have to share related to my White Barn haul!

Bath & Body Works

PocketBacs: Market Peach, Lucky Love, Garden Strawberries, Lucky, and Tuscan Melon! 
$20 Mad About You EDT!
Sweet Shop Kitchen Towels $12.50!

NEW Bounceback Coupon. Free item with a $10+ purchase. 


NEW Escada Born in Paradise Perfume! This is the perfect spring/summer fragrance!
Notes: Green Apple, Guava, Watermelon, Pineapple, Coconut Milk, Jasmine Tea, Sandalwood, Cedarwood, and Musk. 


I purchased all of these products for a total of $13.96 + tax for a total of $11.58 in savings. 
Pretty good. ;)


Wanted to go ahead and throw this mini haul in! I purchased all of this for a total of $9.34! 
The two Maybelline Elixir's from CVS, I paid $4.48 + tax. With no deals or coupons, they would have cost $17.98 + tax. Total savings of $13.23. 
Glade Island Escape Room Spray was $2.98 but I had a $.55 cent coupon which made it $2.43 + tax.
Everything else I got at Walgreen's and only paid $1.50


Hawaii Passionfruit Kiss & Oahu Coconut Sunset ( Can't wait for the coconut! )

I like the Hawaiian themed makeup bag. :) Pretty. 

French Lavender & Honey Body Care. Yay!

Anyways, I hoped you guys have enjoyed my mini haul! Lastly for this post I'll be giving my thoughts/reviews on each candle I purchase starting in order of the pictures posted above. 

Beach Day Collection:
❤ Turquoise Waters: This one smells like a really amazing laundry detergent or dish soap. It's nice, fresh, and clean. It's slightly floral.
❤ Perfect Wave: This one is very similar to the Eucalyptus Mint Stress Relief candle. Eucalyptus is the most apparent note.
❤ Palm Leaves: This one smells like going to a hotel and using the tiny bars of soap they provide you in your room plus a little bit like aloe like you use to put on a sunburn. 
❤ Coastal Sun: This one is citrusy. I smell grapefruit more than the orange and it kind of smells like those Pez candies I used to eat when I was a kid.
❤ Beach Day: This is another citrusy scent. You definitely pick up the lemon but it is like a watered down lemon. It is not sweet or sour and it reminds me of lemon Propel water.
❤ Pacific Coast Highway:This one smells more masculine. It reminds me of mens cologne like so many BBW candles do.
❤ Suntan: This one smells slightly like sunscreen mixed with floral notes which makes for a pretty decent combination.
✓ My favorite candle in this collection is Turquoise Waters.
✕ My least favorite candle of the collection is Perfect Wave.

Provence 2014 Collection:
❤ Provence Garden: You pick up on the pear note right away but you definitely pick up those garden greens as well. It is a nice fruity/slightly floral combination.
❤ Springtime in Provence: In this candle I pick up mostly the peach note and then the raspberry note, mixed with a tiny bit of citrus. 
❤ Lemon Verbena: This is a sweet smelling lemon fragrance, which is very similar to Limoncello, but it has a very tiny bit of a floral-ness to it.
❤ Sundrenched Vineyard: This smells like a glass of red wine.
❤ Wild Poppies: The scent description says it contains peach and lemon, but it is a very, very strong floral fragrance. I mean STRONG.
❤ Mediterranean Iris: This one smells like a mix between baby powder and fresh cut flowers.
✓ My favorite candle in this collection is Provence Garden.
✕ My least favorite candle of the collection is Wild Poppies.

Fresh Picked Collection
❤ Majestic Rose: This smells like receiving a bouquet of roses. It reminds me of my Dior Creme de Rose Lip Balm. 
❤ Golden Sunflower: This is a repackage of Lemon Cucumber.  It is very cucumber smelling, its gross!
❤ Farmstand Freesia: This one is another detergent/soap smelling fragrance.  It's really, really nice and clean.
✓ My favorite candle in this collection is Majestic Rose.
✕ My least favorite in this collection is the Golden Sunflower.

Destination Collection
❤ Cafe Italia "Old World Espresso": This is a repackage of Espresso Bar. It smells like coffee beans mixed with chocolate.
❤Road to Kona "Big Island Coffee": This one smells like a less intense version of Cafe Italia aka. Espresso Bar. It's less intense because of the fresh milk note.
❤Magnificent Milan " Passion & Italian Fashion": This is another masculine scent. Smells like a good mans cologne.
✓ My favorite candle in this collection is Road to Kona.
✕ My least favorite in this collection is the Cafe Italia just because it's a repackage.

Garden Collection
❤ Garden Party: This one smells like walking into someones fresh flower garden. 
❤ Sugarberry Spritzer: This one is very fruity as you would expect a drink fragrance to be. The berry note is most noticeable.
❤ Sundress: This candle is very fresh and it smells so similar to other BBW candles that have the bergamot note in it. Doesn't smell like what I would expect a candle called Sundress to smell like.
❤ Pink Petal Tea Cake: This one smells exactly like it says. Rose petals mixed with cake, mixed with vanilla. It's a keeper.
✓ My favorite candle in this collection is Pink Petal Tea Cake.
✕ My least favorite candle in the collection is Sundress.

New Soap Reviews
❤ Island White Pineapple: If you love pineapple, you will love this soap. Nothing like good old-fashioned pineapple.
❤ Wild Passion Flower: This one is very floral but in a very good way. It smells like a fabric softener.
❤ Aloha Orchid: The Orchid note is very noticeable with just a little bit of papaya. 
❤ Tuscan Melon: This one smells very similar to Bath and Body Works older Cucumber Melon fragrance.

I hope you enjoyed this post! :)


  1. Oh my gosh, I was just at the Easton White Barn on Saturday and the cashier was telling me that someone had come all the way from Kentucky just to see their store and how flattered they were! So funny, that must have been you!

    1. Hahaha, this is hilarious! Thanks for sharing! I made my hubby read this comment too and he just laughed and said yep! that was us! :)

  2. I love the glass candle jar w/lid. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Sounds like you had a great day. Ooh at all the items! I may get Mediterranean Iris for the name alone. :)

    Target recently opened in my part of Canada, and I'm impressed they closed at 11 p.m. Cheers!

  4. Do you know if those fresh picked and destinations candles are going wide or are they part of test? Also, have you seen the adorable cookie jar that was part of the sweet shop collection?

    1. I don't know for sure which ones are going to make it and which ones won't. I'm assuming the Destination's that I picked up are probably just test's since the Destination's candles have already released in-stores as well as the Fresh Picked ones I got, I'm assuming they didn't make it either. I did! I bought the cookie jar! Couldn't pass it up! ;)

  5. Is the picture of the French Lavender and Honey body care from a catalog?

    1. It's from the store's product guide.

    2. Thank you(: Where can you find the store's product guide? Or is it not out to the general public?

    3. No problem! :) It's not open to the general public. It's a book the stores get to let them know what's coming out.

  6. I just got my test candles in! I went soley off your descriptions and I love each one I got! They were out of sugarberry spritzer and majestic rose so I was hugely disappointed but so so happy to find the others. I don't think I ordered enough from the coastal cool collection so I'll have to order more...thanks for the awesome post!!!

  7. Hi! I was wondering if you knew where I could find and purchase PACIFIC COAST HIGHWAY AND PERFECT WAVE??? any help w Iuld be greatly appreciated! :)

    1. Billy, I don't know where you live, but the White Barn at Easton in Columbus, Ohio had the Pacific Coast Highway candles there today. It caught my eye because I had never seen that scent before. I'm not sure if they had Perfect Wave, I wasn't looking for it.

  8. This is an old post! But I just was googling Pink Petal Tea Cake and came across this blog entry :) I wanted to let you know that the new Sugared Peony Petals candle smells just like my favorite Pink Petal Tea Cake! :D Maybe less vanilla/cake, but similar enough that I will be stocking up!