Jan 7, 2014

New Subscription Box: Wantable Accessories Box!

Happy Tuesday!

And .... HAPPY BIRTHDAY to me! I'm 25! :)

Okay guys, for real, I'm super impressed with my Wantable Accessories Box! I pretty much loved everything I received and let's talk about that shipping!? Extremely quick once again! FYI, this box is $40 for a one time deal or $36 for a monthly subscription. If you haven't seen my first Wantable Unboxing, which was a beauty box, check it out here! Keep in mind, if you sign up and don't like your box, you can return it for a full refund with free return shipping or even do a partial refund if you only want to keep some of the items!

In my box I received a scarf, ring, bangle, and a pair of earrings! I love the variety! I've actually decided I love everything so I will not be returning anything in this box. You've got to check out what I received in my box so be sure to check out my video below! :)


If you want your own Wantable Box, click here!

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