Jan 28, 2014

Master Bath: A Blank Wall That Needed Some TLC.

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

Over the weekend, I got an itch to finally do something about a blank wall in my master bath. We've been in this house for a little over 2 years now and I have never came across anything I'd like to put on this wall until now. All the while, hating the blank area and knowing it needed something! I can't stand to walk into a room if it doesn't feel "home-y." Ya know? I'm also picky about walls. I'm a firm believer in NOT putting holes in the walls unless you are absolutely sure it's something you love. Does anyone else cringe a little when putting a hole in a wall? Haha, maybe it's just me! ;)

Looking back through old pins on Pinterest, I found a pin that offered advice on different ways to hang pictures. All this time I was thinking I needed one large picture to fill the space and never thought about multiple pictures. I mean duh, Kelley! I adore the look of multiple pictures on a wall that are different sizes, shapes, etc. Once my husband came home from work on Saturday, it was off to find pictures! He was thrilled because he absolutely loves hanging pictures! {Not really ;)}

I went to TJ Maxx, Wal-Mart, Hobby Lobby, and none of these were successful. Our last stop was Lowe's. I figured Lowe's would have very little, if anything at all, but I was on a mission! We turned to walk down an aisle and BAM! On a display, in the middle of the aisle, were a set of 9 pictures. They were all different sizes, colors, and the best part ... Only $24.95! I was a little iffy because they were so inexpensive but when I got home with them, opened up the box, and looked at them all ... I was impressed! We had a winner! Seriously guys, $24.95!? I'm still smiling over the price. I knew I didn't want to spend a bunch of money on a master bath nobody sees but my husband and me. However, it needed to be done. It was time. Lol.




A little extra something I added last night from a trip to IKEA yesterday. Only $5.99!

I am thrilled with the way it turned out and for only around $30.00. You can't beat the price when it comes to home decor. I really hope you guys enjoyed this post and maybe found some inspiration! :)


  1. You got an eye for the decorating...great job, can't wait to see what you come up with next...I am staying tuned on the same channel....

    1. Thank you so much! I love home decor! There will definitely be more posts to come! :)

  2. Great job arranging them, it looks very nice. The price is fantastic.

    1. Thank you so much, Lisaa! The price was excellent! So happy with it! :)