Jan 16, 2014

How I Save Money! ❤

Hey everyone!

Last night I posted a video on YouTube about how I save money! I wanted to go ahead and do a blog post as well. As I mentioned in the video, I don't take clipping coupons to the extreme nor am I an expert at saving money but I like to save what I can. Who doesn't right? A $1 saved here, a $1 saved there can start to add up! I'm going to do a quick run down about what I use to save money but for more detailed explanations, please watch my video posted below! I hope you enjoy! :)

♡ For online shopping, I always visit RetailMeNot.com. It's my #1 site for finding online coupon codes to use at checkout when making purchases online. You simply go to the website, type the store your shopping at in the search bar, and then scroll through the codes currently being offered. I almost always find a code via this method to use!

♡ Another tip for online shopping is Ebates! Ebates is an awesome, completely free, cash back service. I'm obsessed. Make sure to check out Ebates by clicking here! For example, say you want to make a purchase via BathandBodyWorks.com. You would first go to Ebates site, type in Bath & Body Works in the search bar, and once it pulls up BBW click shop now! BBW currently offers 2.0% cash back when you shop through Ebates. Clicking on the shop now link will take you to BBW's website and you just shop like normal while getting a little money back. Now not all stores offer 2.0% cash back. Some offer 4.0% or 6.0% cash back. Simple, easy, and a great money saving too! When they are ready to deposit you earnings, you have different options but I chose for them to deposit into my Paypal account.

♡ For printable in-store coupons, I typically use Coupons.com . Here you can find coupons for anything! Groceries, personal care, pets, etc. I always check this site before I go shopping to see if there any coupons I can use based on what I need to get at the store. There is also an app for that! ;) I have the app on my iPhone but I'm sure it's available for Android users as well.

♡ I always get the Sunday paper! For one, I like to clip coupons out of it but I also like to scope out the ads for the week! I look at CVS, Rite Aid, and Walgreens mainly to see what deals they each have so I can compare to see which one is offering the best deals! Walgreens is typically my go-to drugstore for all things beauty! I think they typically run the best deals! Also, Walgreens offers a coupon booklet with new coupons every month. You can stack Walgreens coupons and manufacture coupons together which is nice!

♡ Target - How I love shopping at Target! The great thing about Target is they offer their own app where you can save money! It's called the Cartwheel App and again, I have it on my iPhone but it should be available for Android users too! You download the app, look at all the offers, and then add them to your Cartwheel. For example, say they deal is 15% off sweaters by such and such brand and your interested. You would add this to your Cartwheel, go in-store and find the sweater you're looking for, and at checkout show them the app so they can scan the barcode. Bam, you've saved 15%. No matter how many deals you add to your Cartwheel, they are all kept in the one bar code so they only have to scan it once and not a zillion times for each deal. The app also keeps up with total amount you save and you are awarded badges. It's simple and fun!

♡ Let's talk BBW. BBW always offers deals. Basically, the key to getting the best deal here is using the coupons correctly and never purchasing anything, like candles, at full price. Always check the bottom of your receipt for survey coupons which are for $10 off $30. Know $10 off $30 is always the best deal unless you are spending $50 +, then the 20% off coupon is a better deal. Do multiple transactions at the register to double your coupon usage and save more money! Always use the $10 off $30 bounce back coupons first because they expire where your survey coupons never expire. If you receive a Free Signature Collection item with a $10 purchase coupon, and the free item can be up to a $13 value, maximize that value! The best body care item you can get for free is the $12.50 body creams because that's the closest you can get to $13. If you get a Any Item Free coupon with a $10 or $15 purchase, mason jar candles are a great option! Or Wallflower plug-ins simply because they don't run a deal with them anymore and are now full-price. If the body care deal is Buy 3 Get 2 Free, always remember you can Buy 2 Get 1 Free. You don't have to purchase 3 if you don't need them. Basically, use coupons wisely, do multiple transactions, and wait for sales! We all love the 2 for $22 candle sale! ;)

I think I've pretty much covered everything! Don't forget to watch the video below! Hopefully, you've learned a little something and you are on your way to saving a little bit more money! XoXo! ♡


  1. I found your blog through your youtube channel and i love it! I am new to the makeup world, but I really want to start trying new drugstore (and higher end) products using couponing, especially since I am still in the figuring-it-out stage! and i LOVE couponing at bath and body works. I REFUSE to go in there without some sort of coupon with me!

  2. Love your tips on BBW! I'm always looking for a deal there. And who doesn't love those drugstore deals! So many cool beauty items to be had amazing prices. Thanks for sharing!