Jan 13, 2014

Bath & Body Works Sun, Sky, Air Reviews!

Happy Monday Everyone!

Well it's a dreary, rainy Monday here. Seemed like the perfect time to finally give my thoughts on the Sun, Sky, and Air Collection from Bath & Body Works! I picked up the trio from BBW last week for $6.00. I've been smelling and re-smelling ever since, haha, trying to decide what I really think of each one and in my video below, I rate them from my favorite to my least favorite and give my opinion on each one. I hope you guys have a fantastic Monday and I hope you enjoy the video! Xoxo! ♡

This Collection is now online! Click here if you would like to order the $6 travel-size trio!




1 comment:

  1. I really like the Violet Lily Sky the best, but I do enjoy the Pear Blossom Air & Golden Magnolia Sky, I spoke with a manager at the store I shop at and she said they launch 1/21 in the full collection. The Pear Blossom Air-reminds me of a mixture between Fresh Picked Pears & Capri Seaside Citrus & Golden Magnolia Sun reminds me a little of Rome Honeysuckle Amore.