Jan 14, 2014

Bath & Body Works Spring 2014 PocketBac Pics + Reviews!

Hello Tuesday!

I dropped by my local Bath & Body Works last night hoping to spot some new items. Of course, there was nothing out on the floor yet. Well I take that back, they had two bottles of foaming Honeydew Lemonade soap out! I stopped and took a sniff and it smelled amazing! It's more of a fruity honeydew than a tangy lemonade but still a great combination! I will definitely be picking that one up once there are others to buy. I asked the SA I talk to frequently when I visit if there was anything new in the back and she said they received a big shipment but they hadn't been able to get through it all yet. I asked if she had seen any of the new Pocketbacs yet and she had! BINGO! She brought them all out for me and let me purchase them early. She also showed me two very cute Pocketbac holders! There was a sheep and a parrot. There was a set of nail clippers that looked like a strawberry. Also, two makeup bags. I believe one was neon pink and the other a really bright blue! She said a lot of new items should be out on the floor on Monday so check your stores then! :)

Anyways, I wanted to share pictures and my thoughts on each PocketBac I purchased so here we go!

Orange Creamsicle Swirl: This one smells exactly like its name! It's an orange-y, sherbet-y delicious smelling treat in a hand sanitizer! Yum, yum, and yum!

Sugar Berry Shortcake: I love this one! It's a real sweet noticeable berry plus a delicious bakery note! Smells like strawberries and angel food cake to me! Hello, Strawberry short cake!

❤  Ice Cream Dream: Another winner ladies and gents! This one smells like vanilla ice cream but is it weird that I can pick up the ice cream cone as well? Maybe even a hint of sugary sprinkles?

New York Golden Apple: This one smells like Country Apple body care in my opinion! Nothing too fancy, just a typical fruity apple scent!

Beautiful Day: This one smells exactly like the Beautiful Day body care! It's kind of strange they are just now coming out with a PocketBac for Beautiful Day!?

Pure Paradise: I like this one! It's a tad more floral smelling in my opinion than they body care but still a nice one!

Fresh Honeydew Lemonade: I mentioned I loved the soap above and the same rings true for the PocketBac! It's fruity honeydew goodness with just the right amount of that tart lemonade goodness! Great combination here folks!

Strawberry Parfait: This one smells good too! It smells like fresh strawberries and whipped cream! I don't get as strong of a bakery note in this one as I did in Sugar Berry Shortcake!

Cotton Candy Bliss: This one doesn't smell like Cotton Candy to me. Rather, just a sweet, sugary fragrance. It doesn't scream Cotton Candy like I would have expected it to. :/ If that makes sense at all!

Kettle Corn Pop: This one smells like fresh popcorn from a carnival or from your local movie theatre. It has a tad of sweetness to it! Maybe caramel, kinda like caramel corn. I enjoy this one!

Click on a picture to enlarge it! :)



  1. I can't wait to get these pocketbacs ! :)

  2. I got all of these yesterday at my store minus the signature collection ones and the new york big apple,they all smell really yummy, & OMG the Sweet Shop Hand Soaps I have to get those!!!