Jan 30, 2014

Another Vlog: Our Trip to Cincinnati! Pics, Links, Shopping!

Happy Thursday!

This past Monday, my husband and I made a trip to Cincinnati! It was his birthday and so we decided to go somewhere and have some fun! Shop a little, eat a little, and just spend some time together. :) We vlogged for much of the trip and you can watch our little adventure in the video below!

Now, as mentioned above, I did do a little shopping! Hey, you can't take a girl to a mall or IKEA and expect her not to buy a few things ... Am I right? ;) Our 1st stop was IKEA in West Chester, OH. Can I just say I was amazed! Neither of us had ever visited an IKEA before and we both were blown away. It's so big! I'm now in love with IKEA. You could  easily spend a week in that lovely store! You can imagine I picked up a few home decor items! Picture and links below!


The Salong White Vase from IKEA added a little more decor to my tray! $7.99

The Fejka Artificial Potted Plant added an extra touch to my bathrooms! $3.99 

I love this in my living room! It was everywhere in IKEA and for some reason I fell in love with it! 
The Fyllig White Vase is $39.99. The Torka Willow Dried Bouquet is $6.99.

Our next stop was the Kenwood Towne Centre in Cincinatti, OH. I stopped in at severel places here but only purchased from a few including Nordstrom, Kate Spade, and Brookstone.


First off, how cute is the bag and tissue paper? :)

Kate Spade makes adorable and fun iPhone cases! This particular one isn't online yet but many others are! Check her cases out here! $40.00


Halogen Long Sleeve Chambray Shirt! I couldn't leave the store without it!
It's the softest, most comfy shirt I've ever felt! I don't own a single shirt this expensive but I couldn't let it go! $68. More colors available. 


FOM Pillow! $14.99. I love these pillows! Great for traveling or sleeping with! They are so soft! I love throwing my arm over one while I'm sleeping. Many colors available! My last one was so flat because I sleep with it nightly so a new one was needed. 

Next, we went to The Container store which was beside the Kenwood Towne Centre. I went in looking for some makeup storage and they ended up having exactly what I was looking for!


Lipstick Organizer! It hold 24 lipsticks and was only $7.99!

Next, we headed to the Florence Mall in Florence, KY. I stopped at Bath & Body Works and purchased a few things. I can't resist going to a Bath & Body Works haha!


White Mini Candle Holder $10.50. Silver 3-Wick Pedestal Holder $9.50. Sweet Pea Hand Cream $5! 

New bounce back coupon $10 off $30.

After Florence, we headed home but stopped in Lexington, KY and I purchased a few items from ULTA. I had a 20% off coupon plus a freebie item so I couldn't pass those deals up! We also stopped at Walgreens and Rite Aid! I was on the hint for a new Physicians Formula Mascara! 


My haul!

I don't know if this is a new brand or just new products to the brand but oh my goodness! Do they smell amazing! Not only that, they are so moisturizing! The hand cream is to die for! They were Buy 1 Get 1 50% off as of Monday! More scents! Body Cream and Hand Cream! Body Cream is $6.49 and the Hand Cream is $5.29. 

Kenra Platinum Hot Spray! I'm obsessed with this product already! I used it the other day to curl my hair and it's amazing! It's a heat protectant + hairspray and it does it's job well! My curls were still there the next morning. This is replacing my Paul Mitchell Hot Off The Press for good! I bought the mini size for $9.00 but will purchase the full-size once I'm out! The travel-size Sebastian Dry Clean Only Dry Shampoo was a freebie! 

I own a Hot Tools Curling Wand but I wanted this one because it tapers off at the end making it, in my opinion, easier to use. Since it's skinner at the end, it makes it harder to burn your hand haha. It also comes with a glove you can use in case you are uncomfortable curling without one. Check it out here!


Physicians Formula Sexy Booster Va Va Voom Volume Mascara! I looked everywhere for this and finally found it at Rite Aid! First off, the packaging is adorable with the stiletto charm. It's a red tube with black lace. Won't lie, the packaging sucked me in! ;) It was $9.95 but had a sticker on it which was a rebate sticker. I have done put mine in the mail and you receive your full $9.95 back. A few other NEW Physicians Formula products at Rite Aid had the rebate on them as well. 


I meant to purchase this while I was at Ulta but forgot. So I stopped at Walgreens! Mint Julep Mask! $3.99. It claims to help dry up acne so that's why I wanted it because my forehead has been breaking out lately. It smells really good! Just like spearmint gum! 

That was my entire haul! I hope you guys enjoyed this post! 
Don't forget to check out the video below!


  1. Those are great purchases. I love Ikea. I just wish they were closer! The only one in my city is right across town.

    1. Thank you, Iris! I second the IKEA needs to be closer to us haha!

  2. I saw the small cake stand candle holders on your instagram and I just had to go out and find some. I mention you on my blog, hope that's ok . www.thoughtfulvee.blogspot.com

  3. The lipstick storage box is perfect!