Nov 25, 2013

My Dining Room Christmas Decoration's Tour + Giveaway News!

Hey lovelies!

Happy Monday! Today, I have for you something a little different! I've pretty much finished my Dining Room which includes my Christmas decorations and I'm super pumped to share it with you guys! I hope you enjoy it! Whether you just like these types of posts/videos or you look to others for inspiration for your own home ... I'm just happy you are here! :) So lets get into it shall we?

First, my theme is pretty self-explanatory. It's black, white, and silver or as I like to call it, my own Winter Wonderland. I threw black into the mix because my place settings have black on them and I think it all turned out great and came together nicely! And instead of having to change out the place settings, etc. to fit around red and green (typical Christmas colors which are the colors I use throughout the rest of my house), instead I worked the decorations around the color theme my dining room table/place settings already had. This is one, cheaper and two, much simpler of course!

Second, Hobby Lobby is my top Christmas decorations choice this year! They have so much cute stuff and with 50% off Christmas decor, you can't go wrong walking into that store! Much of everything I used to decorate was found there although, I do have some other stores thrown in!

Third, I hope you all have a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving! Or as I like to call it ... Turkey Day! ;)

Finally, please watch my video if you haven't! You can check it out by clicking here!

*NOTE: List of where I purchased items is listed below the pictures at the end of the post. 

Here are the pictures:

View from the Kitchen

View from the Hallway

1) Place Settings - Martha Stewart "Lisbon" - Macy's
2) Runner and Place Mats - ZGallerie
3) Napkins and Napkin Rings - Pier 1 
4) Candle Holders and Tapers - Pier 1
5) Candles with Silver - Hobby Lobby
6) Snowflake Pillows - Pier 1
7) Tree Skirt & Stockings - Hobby Lobby
8) Garland - Hobby Lobby
9) Ornaments - WalMart
10) Merry Christmas Sign - Hobby Lobby
11) Church - Home Goods
12) Silver Bowl - Hobby Lobby
13) Stocking Holders - Hobby Lobby
14) Silver Trees - Pier 1
15) Wrapping Paper and Bows - Hobby Lobby
16) Tree Topper - Hobby Lobby 
17) Mirror - Overstock 
18) Lamps - Lowes 

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  1. So beautiful!! Your personality is so similar to mine! :)