Nov 30, 2013

Holiday Gift Guide 2013: My Suggestions for Him & Her!

Hello Lovelies!

I hope you guys are off to a fabulous weekend so far! Now that Thanksgiving is over, it's time to start thinking about gift buying for loved ones! I know everyone has at least ONE person in their family they have no clue what to buy for them. Because of this dilemma, I wanted to put together a few items for him and for her. I though it would be easier to do a blog post than a video because I obviously don't have all of these gifts to show you but with my blog, I can show pictures and include links! Now, these are all suggestions I would honestly give to my family or friends. I hope you enjoy them and maybe find a thing or two you would like to give someone! ;)

To get started, lets talk about gifts for him. In my opinion, a man is ALWAYS harder to buy for than a woman. Lets be honest! There is so much out there for women! Shopping is geared towards women! Therefore, making them easier to buy for. I've put together a few gifts I feel you couldn't go wrong with! Now, I have little slide shows for each, the His and Her, and each contains pictures of the items I suggest and you can click on the picture to take you to the website it's on!

A fragrance gift set! Now, I know for a woman, there are tons of different perfumes out there! And each and every one are all so uniquely different. And every woman likes different perfumes. But when it comes to a man, I think "cologne" is more universal so to speak. Yes, there are colognes that smell better than others but so many are so much alike! Now, I've picked a gift set I truly believe any man would like. It's a very popular scent! To be honest, I had an old boyfriend who wore this back in high school and the scent has just stuck with me all this time! It's my favorite cologne for a man like ... EVER. It's the Giorgio Armani Acqua di Gio gift set! Seriously, this is the BEST cologne and I'm positive anyone would appreciate this gift! I felt like I needed to explain why I chose this fragrance! :)

You can NEVER go wrong with a nice sweatshirt, jacket, hoodie, or other cold weather accessory! Something he could use for years to come and enjoy! My husband loves the Under Armour hoodies. Seriously, he has a zillion. Well, maybe not a zillion but there's a bunch in his closet. They are warm, stylish, and are great quality. As far as a good jacket or coat goes, North Face is such an excellent brand! I have a jacket from them that I've had for for 4-5 years now and it still looks like new. Not only that but they are warm! You can not feel wind through them I promise. A nice pair of gloves is another way to go. Who doesn't need warm gloves? They are a must-have for winter! Again, North Face is a good option there.

A nice pair of sunglasses, a wallet, or even a watch are all things most men like. I have suggestions in all these categories! Oakley sunglasses, while some are a bit on the expensive side, they are very well made! I recommend the polarized lenses because they reduce glares and can help while driving, skiing, or even fishing. I chose a Fossil wallet because I believe they are a good value and last for a good while for the price. Most men are not like women, they carry the same wallet until it falls apart. So it is worth your money to get them a good one because they are not going to change it out too often. The same goes for the Fossil watches. You can get a great looking watch for a very decent price. As far as razors go, men typically want to be quick and on their way. This is why I chose an electric razor. ;)

Here are my suggestions for him! Click on the pictures to go directly to the website!

Other suggestions for him not pictured: iPhone case, TIVO, pocket knife, tool set, tie, dress shirt!

Now to the gifts for her...

First up, a makeup case! Most women use/need a makeup case of some kind to hold all of our cosmetics, etc. I chose one from Forever 21 that I just thought was adorable! It's say "I Need Lipstick" on the front. Totally cute, right? Better than that, it's only $8.50! They have another one that says "I Need Mascara" too! I'd go with this size simply because they could use it at home and/or for traveling. 

A lot of ladies enjoy smell goods! Particularly, home fragrance! Who doesn't want their house to smell good!? So I chose the Merry Cookie candle from Bath & Body Works because I believe that's a scent most everyone would like. Who doesn't like the smell of cookies? ;)

STOP! Rewind! Yep, I'm choosing a North Face jacket as well for the ladies! Like I mentioned before, you can't go wrong with a nice jacket or coat as a gift. Seriously, North Face is a great brand and they will have it for many years to come! Another perk, there is a variety of different colors to choose from! There's sure to be a color option for the person receiving the gift! However, I recommend the brown one because brown is neutral and goes with most anything outfit but at the same time, not as typical as black or white. :)

Most women enjoy painting their nails, right? I found a great gift set at Sephora that offers a variety of colors! The brand is Deborah Lippmann and let me tell you, her polishes are the bomb! The colors are gorgeous, the quality is excellent, and the person receiving the gift would have many colors to choose from in case you didn't know what their favorite color was. I know I'd be happy with this! Haha!

I mentioned before about how picking out a perfume for a woman is tricky. Mostly because there are so many different ones and everybody's taste is so different! Regardless of this, I believe most women would still enjoy a nice fragrance gift. That's why I chose a fragrance gift set that comes with multiple brands to try. It's a great way to give them options without just giving them one fragrance they may end up not liking. This also gives them a chance to maybe find a new staple perfume!
Wrapping it up, you can never go wrong with a good iPhone case? Do they not have an iPhone? Get them a case for the phone they do have. But with so many people having iPhones nowadays, I chose a case from Coach. It's a gorgeous pink with gold accents! It's pretty, it's feminine, and doesn't have a pattern on it that someone might not like. Everyone needs to protect their phone! ;)

Finally, how about a good hair tool? A good hairdryer? A good curling iron or flat iron? I personally love the brand Hot Tools which is available from Ulta. They are excellent quality for the price! Not only that but they offer curling irons in different colors so if you know someone's favorite color, you could get them that specific color! As far as hair dryers go, I've heard a lot of good things about the Bed Head one I chose. Can't say the colors didn't draw me in too! A better hair dryer quickens drying time and who doesn't want that? I know I do considering I have longer hair. 

Here are my suggestions for her. Click on the pictures to go directly to the website!

Other suggestions for her not pictured: Scarf, Jewelry, Boots, Purse, Gift Card to her favorite store! 

Tip* If I give a gift card, I still like to put it in a small box and wrap it. I feel it means more that way than just throwing it in a card because it still gives them something to open which I love! 

Well, guys! That's the end of this blog post FINALLY! I'm sorry I kept you so long but I wanted to be pretty thorough on this post. I hope you enjoyed it and I hope I gave you some ideas for your loved ones! I think my fingers are going to fall off but I'm proud of this post and I hope you enjoyed reading it! Until next time ... XOXO! ♡


  1. You're right about men being more difficult to purchase for. I'll be purchasing coffee for my father but gloves are a great idea too. Thanks for the tip.

    I usually give a small gift along with a gift card. Like tie it to a chocolate bar or put it in the small bag with a piece of jewelry.

    1. Iris, I LOVE the chocolate bar idea! Creative! Great way to add a little something extra! :)

  2. Excellent post! Making a few notes for my next shopping trip.

    1. Aww, thank you Mallory! Now that its been a few days since I posted it, I've thought about more things I should have added haha!