Nov 4, 2013

HAUL TIME: Bath & Body Works, Target, Kohl's, Wal-Mart, Lush! ☃Holiday Goodies❄

Hey everyone!

So I have quite a few new goodies to share with you in my latest video so be sure to check it out below with the majority of it being Christmas/Winter related items!

Over the weekend, I went out of town again and did a little bit of shopping! I stopped by Target, BBW, Kohl's, Barnes & Noble, and Lush so I hope you enjoy the video! :)

Today, I ventured out to my local BBW because of the new floorset. Can't say I found a whole lot that I hadn't already seen or heard about. I was hoping to find some neat finds! Some NEWness! Am I only the one who hopes I find something at BBW that is rare? HAHA! Oh but it never happens! Not to say there wasn't plenty of CUTE to go around because there was but the main products I wanted were no where to be found. I hoped to find Cranberry Twinkle but it was once again, no where to be found at my store. I also wanted to pick up the Sugar Plum Dream Foaming Hand Sanitizer and the Sugar Plum Dream Hand Soap but neither were there. :/ They are online though so I think I'll have to place an order! ;) But of course, I didn't walk out of BBW empty handed. That NEVER happens! ♡

Did you guys find anything exciting at your local BBW's today?

Yankee Candle

Bath & Body Works






  1. I'm really liking how B&BW is releasing non-antibacterial hand soaps. I'll have to check out B&BW soon; those foaming mousses look neat!

    Mmm... at Twix Gingerbread. That looks great.

    1. I LOVE the foaming mousses! :) I wish they would make them all year long in bunches of scents! Can't go wrong with some Gingerbread! ;)

  2. Cant wait to head there and get some candles this weekend!