Oct 2, 2013

Bath & Body Works Winter/Holiday Haul! + More! ;)

Hey everyone!

Let me tell you, first off, I'm feeling SUPER lucky right now! My favorite SA from my local BBW today allowed me to purchase all kinds of newness! She basically went through all the new boxes she had in the back for me. She seriously is the sweetest! There are some awesome girls there! ♡

Anyways, let's get into it shall we?! I went in expecting I'd come out empty handed. Well, WRONG!

I picked up 2X Lemon Meringue Cheer, 2X Sugared Vanilla Wish, 1X Tis The Season!

Winter Cranberry Hand Cream, Vanilla Snowflake Room Spray, Sparkling Icicles Oil, Vanilla Snowflake Oil!

How beautiful are these Wallflowers???

Wildberry Kisses, Vanilla Snowflake, Lemon Meringue Cheer, Tis The Season!

Strawberry Smooches, Pear Berry Cuddles, Sugared Vanilla Wish, Merry Cherry Love!

Raspberry Bling, Sugar Crystals, Strawberry Sparkle, Berry Spritzer, Minty Cocoa, Ginger Appletini!


These aren't new by any means BUT I can't wait to play around with that green! ;)

SoftSoap Wintermint Snowfall Limited Edition - A soft, sweet peppermint fragrance! 


  1. How awesome! Do you know when the B&BW winter stuff is supposed to hit shelves? I really want to smell all those candles!! :)

  2. I was told Monday yesterday by an SA so you should be able to go to your store on Monday and find the "Snowday" collection of candles! ;)

  3. Kelly is your store a regular or test store?

  4. What are the soaps/sanitizers like? Will you post reviews?

    1. Yes, I'm going to be filming a video tomorrow and I will be giving my thoughts on each of the scents! :) My YouTube channel is LoveKelleyXOXO - Check it out!

  5. Those bird pocket bacs are cute. I'll have to pick those up and can't wait for the winter collection. Canada lags a bit behind the U.S. but we get most of the products eventually.