Oct 24, 2013

Bath & Body Works Haul | Winter/Christmas Goodies! ❄☃❄

Happy Thursday!

I hope all of you have had a fabulous week so far! :) Here is my most recent haul from Bath & Body Works. It's a combined haul from an online order I received yesterday and from a trip to my local BBW yesterday as well. I picked up some of the new soaps, candle sleeves, and Holiday Traditions body care! I hope you enjoy the video! As always, pictures of the haul are below the video!

I have to say I am disappointed with MMK (Merry Marshmallow Kiss)! I feel with a name like MMK, the scent should be sweet and marshmallow-y. That's not the case with this lotion or at least in my opinion. It's more of a fresh (bergamot) and fruity (pears) scent rather than a sweet marshmallow type scent. It smells very similar to Frosted Snowberry from last year. A little disappointed to say the least but I do enjoy everything else that I purchased so to find out more, check out the video below!


  1. I love everything! The packaging is so cute and pretty. I want it all. :)

  2. When are the new mini 6 candles holidays coming out do you know? A lady Victoria posted on bath and body works social saying she got hers early is that true she got hers?

  3. The new packaging for the winter lip glosses is really cute, and those jelly pop ones look like candy!

  4. Are they going to come out with a Cranberry Twinkle in the lotion, body cream, etc.?

    1. Yes, I noticed on the mobile BBW site, it says Cranberry Twinkle is coming soon! So it should arrive online at some point. However, I read that Cranberry Twinkle will only be released to certain stores so not all stores will receive it apparently.

  5. I'm waiting for these goodies to arrive at my store, can't wait.

  6. OMG! you are SO right! Vanilla Bean Noel is by far my fav. holiday scent!! So Yummy! I'm inlove with it! I asked the lady at my store about the 6 mini candle thingy and she looked but they didn't have any. I was sad but maybe I'll be lucky & find it! I think it'd be a good idea to test which candles I eventually want to get in 3 wick!