Sep 20, 2013

Forever Midnight Thoughts! iPhone 5S? Target? Boots?

Hey everyone!

Let me tell you! It's been a busy morning in my household! If you didn't know, today was the release of the iPhone 5C and 5S. Being the sweetest guy in the world, seriously the sweetest, my husband drove an hour and fifteen minutes out of town to wait in line for the iPhone 5S. He left early this morning to stand in line at the Apple store while I got to stay home and catch up on my beauty sleep haha! Isn't he the sweetest? Anyways, after standing in line, there is NO gold iPhone 5S's available! Next, he tries Best Buy. Same thing, no gold iPhone 5S's available. Both places only had the gray/black iPhone. He calls me and tell me to order off Apple's website. Well, behold! You can only order ONE iPhone 5S and once you get it and activate it you can order another. Umm, I don't think so right? So the hubby says he will just call Verizon and order from them. The good news? We can order two gold iPhones. The bad? They won't arrive until late October. Ok, Apple! What's the deal? You knew the phone would be in high demand - Why are there no gold ones!? The other two colors could be delivered in 7-10 days but no way! I want - need - love - the gold colored iPhone 5S. Even if I have to wait until October! Anybody else getting a new iPhone 5C or iPhone 5S? Did you wait in line or order online? We've learned our lesson! No more getting up at ridiculous hours to wait in line for a phone that probably won't even be available. Yep, sticking to online ordering from now on! :)

Luckily, there were some boots I wanted from Target! Thanks to my favorite beauty guru for sharing them, I knew I had to have them for fall! Who doesn't need a new pair of boots for fall right? Let me just start by saying ... they are ADORABLE! They are called the Mossimo® Kyla Buckle Boots. You can check them out online by clicking here! Seriously, they are perfect and they are on sale online for $24.49! Totally affordable! In-store they were not on sale but my husband showed them the online price and they matched it so just a little tip for you! ;) I love the gold detailing on the buckles. The buckles on the back unsnap and you can unzip the boot so it makes it super easy to smooth out your jeans inside the boot. Ones without a zipper tend to bunch up your jeans but that's not a problem with these! I'm so in love with these boots! Pictures will be down below!

Now I'm sure most of you have seen my pictures from yesterday! I decided to quickly run into my local BBW yesterday and see what, if anything, was new. To my surprise, BAM! Forever Midnight is out! To make it even more exciting, the Toast of the Night candles were out too! My little small-town store actually has something ahead of other stores. Stoked! I picked up the cutest 3-Wick candle holder/sleeve, a couple of candles, and a bottle of Forever Midnight body lotion!

My thoughts on Forever Midnight: The sample I received a week or so ago - I loved the men's but wasn't crazy about the women's because I thought it smelled like Cashmere Glow. When I smelled it in-store yesterday, I was very surprised! I loved it! It smells nothing like Cashmere Glow in my opinion. It reminds me of Forever Red a little bit but I truly think it's unique on its own! The jasmine and the vanilla orchid are the two most dominant scents in this fragrance. It's floral but light, bright, and feminine! It's also sweet because of the vanilla. I detect just a little fruitiness from the plum but like I said, the other two notes dominate. This is a wonderful fragrance and the packaging is gorgeous! I suggest you check it out and see for yourself if you like it or not! The only downside is it is more pricey than the typical body care. I wore Forever Midnight to bed last night and this morning I could still very faintly smell it.

Now for those of you who didn't get a chance to see my pictures, they are below! I also have some more Fall/Halloween food items to share that I got from WalMart! Enjoy!




  1. Hey Kelley! I was really contemplating the 5s, but since I'm new to Apple, I went ahead and got the 5c. So far, I really like it. My old phone was outdated and I couldn't even get apps anymore because the marketplace no longer worked. Anyway, I got the bright green one and I'm going to get the pink/salmon color case once I can make it to the Apple store. My son wants the gold 5s, but everywhere we went yesterday didn't have it.

    1. Awesome Anna! Hope you love your new phone! Apple really is the best! ;) I love they came out with all the colors. I was in search for the Gold iPhone 5S too and couldn't find it. Finally just gave in and ordered and it won't be here until late October. Must have been really popular or they didn't make a whole lot of them for release day lol.

  2. Is the new bottles coming out online? or just in stores?

  3. I'm sure they will all eventually make their way online too! :)

  4. Awww the 3 wick owl candle holder is a definite must have, and the pumpkin marshmallows will be in my home a soon as I can find them!