Sep 4, 2013

Bath & Body Works Customer Relations!

Hey everyone!

I know a TON of people are super confused on this whole test store ordering test candles situation! I think every person I've talked to has a different answer. Even fellow fans I've talked to have been told different things. Here is what I know as of today...

I've talked to a few different test stores and they all have clarified they are putting a stop to phone orders. Some people were told different days as to when they would be stopping but from what I can gather, they have pretty much stopped it altogether now. I've been told to call Customer Relations to order test candles from now on. I was told I needed a code from an actual test store in order to order the candles. Several days ago, I called Customer Relations. I was transferred to what was referred to as the "Corporate Lobby Store?" The lady who answered the phone was SUPER sweet. She was literally the sweetest person that I've ever encountered on the phone regarding BBW. Here is the deal, you can't call asking what candles they have I've been told. You have to call with what it is you want to order. So I gave the lady my order of a couple candles. She told me they were taking orders but did not have any candles in at that time. She said she would call me once the candles were available. I asked about the Wallflower bulbs. She said as far as she knew, they would not be selling those but that she would ask since I was interested in them. She told me the shipping cost will be the same as it is from a test store. She wasn't sure about using coupons. I thought I'd try the coupon thing once I got a phone call back. She said the price of the candles will reflect whatever they are in-stores at that current time.

FYI, before I forget, you can order Wallflower bulbs from test stores. I did and I was told they didn't mind shipping those but candles are a NO. ;)

A few days have past and I hadn't heard anything back as of earlier today. I decided to call NJ and verify there wasn't a code needed to order. She said no code, just call Customer Relations and place an order. I decided to go ahead and call back CR since I hadn't heard anything. Again, I was told they would check on the coupon situation BUT they finally had received a small shipment of candles and would be calling those of us who placed orders last week. I'm on that list so they said I should be receiving a phone call shortly. I guess only time will tell!

Now, is all this confusing or what? Even though this whole Customer Relations stuff isn't 100% certain, I wanted to make sure I put the info out there. I know a lot of you want to order candles so I'm hoping CR comes through for those of us depending on it in order to get test candles. The majority of us don't live near a test store and need a way to get our hands on them. Hopefully, this is it!

My brain is literally tired from trying to figure all this out and constantly getting different answers haha! Just let us order test candles already. You can't put them out there for some and not all. Obviously, when people post their pictures and scent descriptions of these candles, then everyone is going to want them. I think BBW was just never prepared for the huge amount of phone orders they would receive and probably didn't imagine the demand would be so high. Well, here we are ... Crazy obsessed candle people! ;)

I understand how it can get crazy when someone calls and orders 10 of one scent. I see it probably wipes their stash out real quick and I could see how that could mess up their "testing" results. So limit the candles. Keep track of people calling by our names, addresses, and phone numbers. Let people only order 1 of each of the test scents. And as far as broken candles go, I know it's frustrating. I've been on the receiving end of a few broken candles. A lot of the time, they didn't take the time to package the candles at all. They were just sitting in a cardboard crate! I mean your asking for lots of broken candles when you do that. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to package a candle properly. I've received some candles wrapped thoroughly. I've gotten ones wrapped in bubble wrap, inside of tissue paper, then inside a bag. That person knows how to ship candles. Anyways, I'm done rambling LOL.

And of course I'll keep you guys updated once I find more out and once they call me back! :)

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