Sep 13, 2013

Bath & Body Works Amber Blush Haul + Info!

Hey everyone!

I made my way down to BBW this morning to splurge on some Amber Blush! ;) I picked up the typical trio: lotion, shower gel and fragrance mist. I picked up two candles which I didn't photograph because we've all seen them a million times by now. I got Pumpkin Pecan Waffles and Cider Donut. I also picked up one of the Luxe Wallflowers. It's a really pretty Leaf with a Leaves bulb included. It was my favorite one out of all the ones they had.

I was able to see the Forever Midnight EDT bottle and the Fine Fragrance Mist. Both are a gorgeous purple with a pretty shaped lid. The packaging looks more "high-end" is the best way to describe it. At least in my opinion. I smelled the EDT and I have to say I liked it better than the sample I received. I'm weird. Haha!

The SA informed me Fall Traditions would be gone after this week. I was very surprised because I mean come on!? It's not even Fall yet! She said BBW didn't want any more of the "old" packaging on the floor. Maybe they will repackage them and bring them back? She said Forever Midnight would be making its way to the floor.

If this is true, and you haven't bought any Fall Traditions yet, get some now! Only time will tell....

My Purchases Today:

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