Sep 14, 2013

A Few Bath & Body Works Winter Fresh Picked Candles + Bulbs!

Hey everyone!

I got my order in the mail today from CR! I picked up only a few candles because BBW had nothing in stock hardly when I called yesterday. I managed to get Sugared Lemons, Sweet Clementine, and Winter Cafe. There is also a picture of a few of the Winter Fresh Picked Wallflower bulbs. Enjoy! :)

Winter Cafe is just another repackage of Espresso Bar and Harvest Coffee. There is no difference in my opinion. Come on BBW, been there done that already. Do something new! 

Sweet Clementine is citrusy. Basically, smells like oranges. I like it but nothing out of this world. 

Sugared Lemons! I LOVE this one. Yes, it's a much sweeter version of Limoncello. This makes is so much better in my opinion! Smells like a lemon type candy. ♡


  1. Oh these wallflowers are sooo pretty. Love those tags!! I am so glad I got to see them, thank you for sharing today-- fed ex doesn't deliver on weekends. I cannot wait to smell the tea wallflower warmed as I am hoping it smells like cinnamon tea (that aromatherapy candle from a Christmas ago) Let me know what you think.

    1. Fedex delivers here on Saturdays! Thank goodness! I hate having to wait until Monday to get a package! ;) The bulb on cold sniff doesn't have a strong cinnamon scent like I thought it would. :/

  2. which of these scents can I get in the mini size?