Aug 6, 2013

♡Stitch Fix.♡

Hey everybody!

I came across something really awesome the other day on YouTube! One of the channels I'm subscribed to did a video on Stitch Fix (PearlsandDaggers). I knew immediately I wanted to try it out!

If you've followed me for some time, I'm sure you know that I'm subscribed to a couple monthly beauty box subscriptions. These are Birchbox and IPSY. Both of these contain beauty products with various trial size/full size samples. You get a mix of makeup, skincare, fragrance, and haircare samples. Both send you samples based on a quiz you fill out when you sign up. Both are $10 a month. You can check Birchbox out here. You can check IPSY out here. Now onto the reason for this blog post!

Stitch Fix. Even sounds cool, right? This is similar to Birchbox and IPSY however, it's not beauty samples you receive. It's clothing and accessories! How awesome is that? It's $20 a month but you don't have to purchase one every month if you don't want too. You could do a one time only deal if you choose. I'm choosing to try it first for $20 and my box is currently on its way to me! I'm very excited because I think the whole concept is pretty neat!

Stitch Fix is a personal styling service. You sign up and take their Style Profile. The Style Profile asks questions like size, shape, style, price preferences, lifestyle, etc. They base what items to send you off your Style Profile. It's very detailed so I'm sure they are able to get a good idea about what you would like. After you've completed the Style Profile, you pick a date you would like to be sent your Stitch Fix.  This is great for those of us who want one but maybe need to wait a week until our next paycheck. Once you decide on a date, the stylist chooses 5 clothing and/or accessories for your box. After you receive the box, it's time to try it all on! Apparently, each box has a card that tells you different ways to wear each item in your box. You then have 3 days to decide what you will keep in the box. What you don't want you can mail back via the USPS pre-paid mailing envelope. You always want to at least keep one item because the $20 you paid for the box, that $20 goes towards an item in the box. If you send it all back, you basically loose $20. If you decide to keep all the items in the box, you will receive 25% off the entire box.

I honestly think this is so neat! Now, I can't give you my full thoughts on this box yet as I haven't received my first one however, a personal stylist? That's just cool. Someone picking out clothes and accessories for me based on my answers to the Style Profile. I'm cool with that. ;) I should get my first box Thursday. I will do a blog post and a YT video to share my thoughts and what's in my box! FYI, if you would like to not receive accessories, I think that was an option in case you would like just clothing. I personally prefer a mix of both.

If you would like to check out Stitch Fix, you can do that here.  Are there any more awesome subscriptions I've been missing out on? I love signing up for these! A great way to try new things! :)

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