Aug 21, 2013

NEW Herbal Essences Moroccan My Shine Shampoo/Conditioner!

Hey everyone!

So I was browsing through a magazine and stumbled upon an ad for the NEW Herbal Essences Moroccan My Shine Shampoo and Conditioner! Being such a girl, haha, I had to run out and find them! To my surprise, Wal-Mart didn't have them yet but Rite Aid did.

Why am I so excited about these? Well, I'm sure you have noticed Moroccan Oil has kind of been a HUGE product lately. It's everywhere! Various brands make all kinds of Moroccan Oil products for hair and skin. Typically, most of them are a bit pricey and are higher end brands so when I saw Herbal Essences came out with this new Moroccan Oil line, I knew I wanted to try it out! As someone who constantly uses heat on my hair, I like to slather on products to protect it. Moroccan Oil is supposed to be very nourishing and beneficial to your hair so I guess we will see! I will review these products after I have used them for about a week or so but I can tell you they do smell AMAZING...

So I'm wondering, are there any hair products you can't live without? Suggestion time! :)

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