Aug 9, 2013

My Stitch Fix Unboxing!

Hey everybody!

I mentioned in a previous post that I had signed up for Stitch Fix! It's a personal styling service for $20.00 a month OR you can choose to do it when you want instead of monthly. I'm not going to go into all the details here but you can get all those in my previous post by clicking here.

Anyways, I received 4 clothing items and 1 accessory. I decided to not keep everything in the box. I chose one item that I absolutely LOVED and let my $20.00 go towards purchasing it. What did I keep? Well, I'll tell you at the end of the post. ;) To clarify, if you keep everything in the box, you get a 25% discount on the entire box. It's smart to at least keep one item per box so that your $20.00 doesn't go to waste. For example, if you like a necklace and it's priced at $25.00 then you will only have to pay $5.00. I hope that makes sense!

The 1st item I received was the Eddie Aztec Print Drawstring Dress by Peppermint. I really, really like the dress. It's super cute! I'm loving the "tribal" prints lately. It has a v-neck, adjustable waist, and pockets. All around adorable! Here is a picture of the dress:

The next item I received was the Monica Swan Print Hi-Lo Sleeveless Top by 41Hawthorne. How cute are the swans? Like I said, I'm into the prints lately. Reminds me of something you would see worn on Pretty Little Liars! If you watch the show, I'm sure you understand. :) I love the color, the swan print, the hi-lo detail, and the cute buttons on the the shoulders. I think it can be dressed up or dressed down. Here is a picture of the shirt:

The 3rd item I received was the Abigail Colorblock Lace Trim Top by Mystree. This shirt is cute. I love the colorblock detail and the lace detail. I love the shade of blue because it's KY blue and I'm a Wildcats fan. ;) I really like the style of the sleeves as well! Here is a picture of the shirt:

The 4th item I received was the Multi Bead Strand Necklace by 41Hawthorne. While I like the long, dangly necklaces, I wasn't fond of this one. I think ones like this tend to look like a tangled up mess. Not a fan of the color either. For what it is, severely overpriced at $32.00. 

The final item I received in my box was the Moni Horseshoe Print Stud Detail Top by Angie. Right away, I hated the print. I know, I know, I said I liked the prints but horseshoes? Too western maybe!? Lol. I just didn't care for this print at all. Maybe with a different print the shirt would have been okay. 

That was everything in my box! Overall, I'm impressed and I think it's a cool way to get new clothes! I've already signed up for another box in September. I haven't chose to get it monthly yet because I still want to try it a few times first. Another cute perk though, they give you ideas on how to style!

Did I mention you get a personal stylist???

Ok, so I've done tried on everything and have decided what item I'm keeping! I'm keeping ....................
the Monica Swan Print Hi-Lo Sleeveless Top! I had a HARD time deciding between it and the dress but I finally made up my mind. I just couldn't part with the cute, swan print. ♡ Now, the top was $58.00. With my $20.00 towards it, I only paid $38.00 for it. The rest I'm sending back in a pre-paid USPS envelope included with your box and I'm done! Simple as that! Keep in mind you have 3 days from the time you receive the box to decide and get in the mail what you don't want to keep. :)

If you are interested, you can check out Stitch Fix by clicking here!

You can also watch my video below! ;)

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