Aug 5, 2013

My Made in America Floorset Purchases + Halloween Preview?

Hey everybody!

First off, I'm hoping you guys were able to find some goodies today at your BBW! :)

I went twice, actually. The first time I went, I bought some items but I really wanted the Vermont Sugar Maple and Seattle Hazelnut Latte soaps which they didn't have at the time. Well, the SA called me after about 30 mins of being home and told me she just received them so naturally I went back for them! ;)

As far as the Halloween preview ... say what? What kind of Halloween preview was this? My store had the PocketBacs, PocketBac holders, and the Keep Calm Carve On Soaps. That. Was. It? Nothing more than Saturday. When I went back the 2nd time, I asked if she got any more Halloween stuff in? She said not that she noticed but she hadn't had time to go through it all. I was hoping to see the Haunted House Luminary but nope. Oh well, I'm pleased with what I was able to buy today. :)

Quick note, I wanted to mention really quickly. B&BW Sista said there is a "rumored" 2 for $22 candle sale on 8/10/13. Lets hope this is true!

Here is my haul video and pictures. ♡


  1. Sadly that is all the preview will be :( The page only stated those items to be put out. We havent gotten any more Halloween stuff in yet

    1. Do you know when you will be getting more? I'm curious about some more Halloween soaps? The Haunted House Luminary? Hoping for some more to come! :)

  2. UGH! The 10th for a 2/$22? YUCK YUCK. Haha. I went into my store today just to smell candles, but I didn't buy anything. I can't bring myself to pay $20 for one candle when I can get 3 of them for just a little more during a sale with a coupon. I did notice that the pumpkin candles were gone from my store. :( They also didn't have the Sweater Weather line out yet. I JUST WANT MY FALL CANDLES!! Haha!

  3. I don't blame you! $20 bucks for a candle is outrageous. My manager once told me you'd be surprised how many people actually do it though. I guess some people don't care about a sale and saving money or they are out of the loop and don't realize there are candle sales lol. Hurry up 2 for $22! We want FALL candles!!!!! ;)