Aug 23, 2013

My 2 for $22 Candle Sale Haul + A Little Newness Talk!

Hey everybody!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Friday! As I'm sure most of you know, BBW has a 2 for $22 candle sale going on now through the 25th in-stores and online. It's definitely a great way to start off the weekend for those of us who are wax fanatics! ;)

I popped into my local BBW to pick up a few candles! I CAN'T pass up this sale. It doesn't matter if I had 5 of every candle, I just can't pass it up LOL. I was hoping to see Pumpkin Pecan Waffles because I wanted to buy a few more of it! Why wouldn't I? It's amazing people! ;) I counted on it not being there but a girl can wish. I noticed there were TONS of Pumpkin Cupcake candles. What's wrong with the town I live in? How can people not be buying that candle like crazy!?!? Hahaha, oh well more for me. I actually didn't pick up any Pumpkin Cupcake because I already have a few stashed away so I', good there. Here are the candles I decided to get:

Now everyone and their brother has reviewed all these candles, haha! So I know you don't need to here those from me however, I haven't heard much on this years Spiced Cider. I happen to like this one! It's not one I'd stock up but having one is nice. It smells like a tamed down version of red hots candy. You know, the cinnamon chewy red candy? It's a lighter, spicy, cinnamon scent. I actually grabbed the last Pumpkin Caramel Latte! It must be a hot seller at my store. There were lots of all the others except Marshmallow Fireside was starting to get a little bare. 

I picked up four Pumpkin Cupcake Scent Portable refills too! Nom nom! I can't wait to get that scent in my car! At my store, they were buy 3 get 1 free OR buy 4 get 2 free. They also had Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin and Pumpkin Apple. 

I noticed TWO new gift sets that I really want but @ $19.50 a piece, I'll pass ... for now. ;) There was the Autumn Day one and the Heirloom Pear. Both consisted of a deep cleaning hand soap, nothing new there, but it also had the hand lotion in each scent to go along with the matching soap in a little caddy together. The hand lotions I love! They have a pump and it just makes it oh so convenient! I could see both of those making a wonderful smelling hand lotion. I wish they would sell them individually though, like with Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin. 

The manager showed me a cute but small silver pumpkin. It was $15.00. I'm talking crazy outrageous pricing here. You could only fit a mini candle in it, that's how small it was. The top comes off. The manager and the SA were trying to figure out what it was for or what you could use it for. I suggested a mini candle holder, the SA suggested jewelry. For $15, it's a big pass! She showed me a cream pumpkin, much like the little orange pumpkin you could get at the Pumpkin Preview. This cream pumpkin had Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin inside it as well however, it was a little larger. She showed me a picture of one they hadn't got yet that was an even larger cream pumpkin, like the previous two mentioned, that also has a Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin candle inside. It's even larger and it's basically a 3-wick candle in there. She said they would be getting a large pumpkin that had the Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin ritual with it and that it would cost $125. She told me she would only be getting one of those. 

I think that is it for now. I hope you guys enjoy your weekend! Keep a lookout though! I plan on filming a video tomorrow of my top must-have fall candle scents! LBD has inspired me to do so. ;)


  1. Lots of good info Kelley, thanks! Can't wait to see your video tomorrow!