Aug 11, 2013

Closet Clean Out & Organization! ♡

Hey everyone!

Yesterday, I got this URGE to clean out my closet and to reorganize everything. I literally took everything out, went through it, and put it all back in neatly. I made two piles: 1) To donate and 2) to resell. I kept telling myself if you "like" it, leave it. By leave, I mean let go. ;) If you "love" it, keep it. :)

I think by the end, I had gotten rid of 50 clothing items which I thought was pretty good! I have 4 hanging sections in my closet and I utilize them in this way: Short Sleeve Tees/T-Shirts, Dresses/Tanks/Dress Pants, Hoodies/Sweatshirts/Jackets, and Long Sleeve Tees/Sweaters. I keep coats and that kind of thing in the hall coat closet. I fold my jeans instead of hanging them. I used to hang them but I find folding saves a lot of space and space is key when you have a small walk-in closet like I do. Anything else not mentioned such as sweats, skirts, etc... I keep those in a dresser.

You can see in the photo below where I keep my jeans folded but the shelf above that, I like to keep girly things! I have a couple of Henri Bendel bags, a Henri Bendel makeup bag, and a Henri Bendel weekender bag which is ALWAYS packed and ready to go for traveling. Pretty smart, huh? ;)

On the very top, again, I like to keep boxes and bags. I think they make good decorations and it gives your closet some flair. I have a Victoria's Secret Umbrella hanging for some more flair and a little pink paper lantern that I bought from Hobby Lobby. I wanted a small chandelier but I couldn't find one so I made that work. Yes, not necessary but I think it adds a "girly" touch!

Storage bins on the bottom! You always need extra storage, right? I put these down there to hold clean sheets for my bed but of course, they could hold lots of other things too!

To the right of my closet when you walk in, I have adjustable shoe racks. I took a picture of 3 racks only because I couldn't scoot back far enough to show pics of the top and bottom shelves. I'm someone who doesn't like shoes on the floor, they have to be on a shelf. I think it makes a closet look too cluttered when they are on the floor, my own personal opinion. We all have different tastes. :)

If your closet needs more space ... the best advice ... is to get HUGGABLE hangers. As you can see, I have hot pink ones but they come in a multitude of colors. They are thin which saves you a ton of space because you are able to hang more on a rack with these. Another good perk, they are a velvet like material so your clothes will not come slide off the hanger! I don't know what I ever did before these hangers! Definitely a must-have for my closet! ;)

Well, I just wanted to share this with you guys! Maybe you read/saw something that gives you some closet inspiration! Hope you enjoyed this post! I'm reorganizing my candle cabinet now. ;)


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