Aug 28, 2013

A Couple More Winter/Holiday Candle Scent Descriptions!

Hey everyone!

Just a couple more scent descriptions to share! Again, I will put them all in one blog post once I get them all but for now this is good enough. :) Thanks again to Lisaa Fong! She has basically provided me with everything I know so far about these candles! :)

Mint Chocolate: Indulge in this minty and merry blend of cool peppermint, creamy milk and rich dark chocolate.

Frosted Gingerbread: Inspired by our favorite family recipe, a fragrant blend of gingerbread and creamy icing makes the perfect gift for you or someone you love.


  1. Kelley, I just got my box of 12 candles and posted pictures as well as the scent notes from the bottom. You and the others are welcome to them

    1. Thank you so much! I've done been snooping on your page taking a peek at all the new wax babies! :)