Jul 2, 2013

SAS Extended and MORE Fall Info!

Hey everyone!

Cia is on fireeee with all the new info that she keeps bringing in! As always, check her out at her blog here! :) It looks like the SAS will be extended into what will be called the "Hot Summer Sale" which will begin with the July 8th floor set! Cia suggested that during this time, more products could be discontinued such as the Lakeside Collection. If that's so, I'm stocking up even more on Watermelon Lemonade - I adore that scent!

Anyways, here are some PERFECT reasons/opportunities to stock up ladies and gents! (July 8th - July 14th info)
  •  Forever Sunshine and the Summer Twist Collection will be only $5.00.
  •  The True Blue Spa Smoothies will only be $8! Dying to get my hands on these!
  • Free colorful water bottle and 3 oz Coconut Water Chill shower gel with any Summer Chill Collection purchase starting July 10th - July 14th, while supplies last!
Next, Pumpkin Preview Updates and Fall info! (July 24th - August 4th info)
  • Fall VIP Bag - Tan canvas with a gold bow - Available July 24th-28th - $20 with $30 purchase!
  • Bag includes: SCP full size body lotion, SCP full size shower gel, SCP full size sanitizer, Leaves 4oz candle, Creamy Pumpkin deep cleansing soap, Forever Red mini EDT, True Blue Spa Cashmere hand cream, and a loofah (color not known).
  • SCP (Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin) will only be available to buy during July 29th - August 4th!
  • Pumpkin Preview Exclusive item: Ceramic Pumpkin candle holder with a SCP candle for $6.00 with any $20 purchase.
  • More Pumpkin Preview Exclusive items: Wallflower sampler with 6 bulbs, Mini candle sampler with 6 candles, and room sprays in Pumpkin Apple and Pumpkin Cupcake!
  • Pumpkin Preview will run from July 29th - August 4th. This is the time to get the before mentioned exclusive items as this looks to be the only time they will be available for purchase!
Gosh, that's a lot of stuff! I hope this all made sense! I have to say I'm most excited about the mini candle sampler and the wallflower bulbs sample! Oh, and most definitely the True Blue Spa smoothies! 

What are you looking most forward to coming out on July 8th and then what about Fall? :)


  1. Dat Summertime S'Mores though.

    If Lakeside Collection goes on sale, I am stocking up on that SS! Thanks for reposting the info, you guys are awesome!

    1. That one is a good one! I love that it's a tad sweeter than Marshmallow Fireside, or in my opinion anyways. I have a few SS but WL is definitely my favorite lol.

      Thanks for commenting and following along with my blog! :)

  2. Wonder what the $8 3 Wicks will consist of? I'm hoping Espresso Bar will be $8 as well as Tropical Spice or London Calling(doubt it though.) or maybe it's not even new candles at all but older discountinued candles?(probably newer ones but then again maybe will be suprised? who knows?!) I'll miss out on the Pumpkin Preview Event($ is real tight in the middle of the month.) but at least I can get my stuff on July 8th. August i'm not buying any B&BW stuff,but in September i'm buying my Fall Home Fragrance and Anti-Bacterial stuff. How's the Winter SAS?(it will be my 1st time going to it.)