Jul 1, 2013

Pretty Little Liars PLL Tag Q&A!

Hey everybody!

So lately, I've seen a few videos on the PLL (Pretty Little Liars) tag. It's a series of questions that you answer. It seemed fun and I'm in love with PLL so I decided to do the tag. Here are the questions asked and you can find my answers to these questions in the video below! :) *Spoiler Alert* Don't watch if you aren't caught up on PLL.
  • Pretty Little Liars Tag Questions
    • Who is your favorite character?
    • Who do you think is behind the A Team?
    • Who do you ship?
    • Most memorable cheesy/stupid moment?
    • Who is your favorite villain?
    • Who do you predict may become a villain?
    • Which girl do you think has been most hurt by A?
    • Which girl's style do you like the most?
    • Which girl are you most like?
    • Who is your crush on the show?
    • Least favorite character of the 4 liars and then overall?
    • What has been the biggest shocking moment?
    • Is Toby really dead?
    • What would you do if A was after you?


  1. Favorite: Spencer
    Behind A Team: Ali
    Who do I ship???
    Cheesy/stupid moment: Definitely Ezra/Aria kissing in the rain
    Favorite villain(ess): Ali
    Who will become a villain: Gosh, who isn't a villain already except the Liars and their moms? Melissa I guess, if she isn't already.
    Who's most hurt by A: Spencer. Definitely Spencer
    Style: I don't care for Emily's, but I like the rest... Depends on my mood!
    Which girl am I most like: Probably Hannah, stubborn but helpful
    Crush on the show: Hmmmmmmmm, probably Toby. Or Ezra. OR the new cop.
    Least Fave of the Liars: I like them all, but Emily tends to drive me crazy the most.
    Least Favorite Character overall: Byron
    Biggest Shocking Moment: Toby in an A hoodie
    Toby's not dead, it's a little late for that question
    If A was after me I wouldn't be a complete idiot, I would just go to the police, and to hell with whatever A had on me. Go to the cops, tell them honestly what happened, and be done with it. Punishment for whatever you did, or the investigation into what you might have possibly done, is better than the psychopathic stalking.

  2. If I could "like" your post like on Facebook I would! Lol.

    I love your final answer most of all! :)

    Can't wait for the new episode tonight!!!

  3. Alright how often does this show make you want to scream? I'm watching tonight's episode just now, I got home late... Aria is digging around Hector's shop and I am sitting here pressing my lips together and hugging a pillow because I am anticipating for something to make me jump... I can't remember which episode had me start doing this... May have been the first halloween special, or possibly the doll hospital... but now so many episodes have me sitting there freaked out... I'm such a baby lol.

    1. Lol! I felt the same way during that scene! I was thinking Spencer told you to watch out for Hector ... not go snoop inside his shop to see what you could find lol. I expected the door to slam and Aria to get locked in there or Hector (the mask man) to jump out at her but all she did was talk to Hector lol. My only thing now is whether or not I believe what Melissa told Spencer... She seemed believable because she was vulnerable but still, Melissa creeps me out. Lol.

  4. Ship means what couple you would like not what couple you would get rid of..