Jul 18, 2013

Fresh Picked Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin & Cider Lane!

Hey everybody!

Today, I received my Fresh Picked Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin AND my Cider Lane candles! I've had a bit of a hassle with this order. Yesterday, I tracked the package using the # BBW provided in the shipping email. Well, it said delivered and it was signed for by Tiffany!? So I call of course, and Customer Service has more details on the tracking. They said the package was completely damaged by UPS and that it was getting sent back to them. They offer to send me a new package and ask if 3-7 business days would do. I said I planned on having the package today. She said no problem, I'll have it overnighted to you! Umm ... awesome customer service! Thanks BBW! Woo Hoo! Okay, I'm done LOL. ;)

Anyways, I got my candles today! Cider Lane is excellent! First sniff, my nose is filled with a delicious apple cider scent. Honestly, smells just like Apple Cider to me. While I don't like Apple Cider myself, I LOVE this candle so much! I'm guessing because I'm a sucker for apple scents! Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin! How I love this Fresh Picked version! I dislike the original Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin but adore this one! It's heavier on the cinnamon and less on the pumpkin side - GREAT! If you are like me and don't like the original SCP then give the Fresh Picked version a try! :)

Here are pics! Enjoy!


  1. Hey,Kelly Sorry that you had to go through all that hassle for your order,well at least both your candles arrived safe and sound thankfully. Thanks for clearing up the diiference between the 2 SCP Candles(FP one sounds better but then again i'm a sucker for Pumpkin so i'll see how the original SCP candle compares.) While I don't care for the taste of Apple Cider(too rich/upsets my stomach) and do love the scent of it and I alos enjoy Apple Scented Candles as well more Pumpkin though. Love the lids on the FP Candles their very unique and stand out from the rest! Since you have a lot of Fall stuff(candle wise) what do you plan on getting at the Pumpkin Preview Event? As I have none of their Fall Candles I'll pick up the Sampler at the event. Other Candles i'll buy for Fall:
    Harvest Coffee
    Blueberry Pumpkin Patch(wish it was in the sampler)
    Heirloom Pear
    Cider Doughnut
    Farmstand Apple
    Marshmallow fireside as you can tell i like sweet bakery scents,coffee scents and fall fruit scents.
    Room Sprays:
    Pumpkin Cupcake
    Heirloom Pear
    Marshmallow Fireside
    Pumpkin Apple
    and any additional ones.
    Pumpkin Cupcake
    Creamy Pumpkin
    Seattle Hazelnut Coffee
    Vermont Sugar Maple
    Washington Apple Harvest
    Georgia Bourbon Peach
    Sonoma Vineyard Berries
    Aspen Autumn Day
    Montana Mountain Air
    New England Autumn Bouquet
    Heartland Harvest Marmalade
    Crimson Plum
    Heirloom Pear
    Heirloom Cranberry
    Honey Crisp Apple
    Scarlet Apple
    Farmstand Apple
    Sweet Clementine
    ? do you think that the PB's of: I Love Pumpkin,Sweet Orange Pumpkin ,Spice Kissed Pumpkin,I Love Smores and I Love Cinnamon Buns maybe at the July 29th-August 4th Event? Are you posting your video of your collection of PB's/Room Sprays/Wall Flowers soon? Anyways sorry for the long rant & rave ,keep doing an awesome job on your blog/videos.Big Kudos to you for doing such a great job with the Blog & Videos ,Keep It Up!

  2. Thank you! :) I'm not sure about the PocketBacs ... I mean they have been putting a lot of things "new" on the site lately so I'm sure they will show up any day now. I don't see why at least I Love Cinnamon Buns and I Love S'mores and I Love Pumpkin aren't on by now. I'm editing my PocketBac/Room Spray collection now. I had to do Wallflowers separately as the video was too long but video should be up later today!

    1. Your welcome don't worry about not knowing about the PB's i'm sure they'll pop up in stores/online real soon. The PB's that are confirmed to be at the Pumpkin Event are: SCP,PCL,PC,and CP.