Jul 23, 2013

Blush July Beauty Box + Small Haul! (Nordstrom, VS, The Body Shop)

Hey everybody!

Recently, I signed up for ANOTHER beauty box subscription! I'm officially addicted to these! I love trying out new beauty products, I just can't help it! This one is called Blush. You can check them out here. This box is a monthly subscription OR you can try it once. The monthly cost is $24.95. The try it once price is $34.95. The thing about this box is you get mainly full-size products! What's not to like about that? A lot of times with trial/samples sizes, I feel you don't get enough of the product in some cases to really test it out and see if you truly love the product or not. This is NOT the case with this box. I'm like so impressed by it! Definitely check this box out! This months box has some pretty amazing products in it that I can't wait to try! Check out my YT video below to see what I got! ♡

I also have a sort-of kind-of mini haul for you guys! I picked up two of my wish list items! If you don't know what I'm talking about then check my post on that here! I picked a couple Victoria's Secret items up and I scored a free pair of PINK flip-flops and a free Lacie hiphugger! I purchased a few Body Shop products and for my favorite item, well, you'll have to watch my video below. ⬇ {It's on my wish list}

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