Jul 2, 2013

Bath & Body Works Summer Chill Haul + New Bounce Back Coupon!

Hey everybody!

I received my "Summer Chill" items in the mail today and I wanted to share pics and my thoughts on each scent. I also got the matching PocketBacs (excluding White Mango Chill) and a bounce back coupon with my order that I haven't seen yet! Coconut Water Chill is definitely my fave and I will be stocking up on that baby! ;) *Don't forget you can always click on the pics to enlarge them!*
  • Coconut Mango Chill
    • Smells mainly of coconut and melon with a hint of vanilla! My favorite!

  • White Mango Chill
    • Very fruity and sweet! I pick up mango, strawberry, and kiwi right off with a touch of floral!

  • Citrus Orchid Chill
    • I pick up the starfruit right away but this one also is a perfumery floral which I don't like.

  • Apple Mango PocketBac
    • This pocketbac is more apple than mango but still a nice combination!


  1. Cool! I didn't know Summer Chill had previews out or those travel sizes? I'm surprised as I haven't seen them on the website or maybe they've run out.

    1. Hey Iris! They are online currently! The ones pictured are the travel size, there were no previews and they won't have previews for this collection. They should be in-stores on July 8th or if you order them online , I find it easiest to find them by typing their names in the search bar at the top of the page. :)

    2. Thank you for the information. I'll be looking for them in my local stores. I think I'll spring for the full sizes as they sound so good.

    3. They are definitely worth checking out! Of course you are gonna have a favorite and a least favorite of the three but all three are good summer scents! :) The coconut one is my love!

  2. I definetly want the Summer Twist PB's,Pumpkin Pb's,one of the $8 Candles(if their's anything good to pick from.) and that $6 Decorative Pumpkin Candle( I hope it's like a Orange Cermamic Shaped Pumpkin with a lid containing the Candle inside.- scent wise i hope it's like a pumpkin/cinnamon/ginger/vanilla fusion.)