Jul 19, 2013

♡Bath & Body Works PocketBacs & Room Sprays Collection!♡

Hey everybody! Here is my YT video for my BBW PocketBacs and Room Sprays collection! I will be filming my Wallflowers/Wallflower Bulbs separately because this video already is too long LOL. Look forward to it if you want to see what I've got and how I store it. Thanks so much for watching! Hope you enjoy! :)


  1. Nice collection/video. Here's what I have in Pocket Backs & Room Sprays;

    Room Sprays:
    Tropical Spice
    Eucalyptus Mint
    Lilac Blossom
    Lavender Vanilla
    Pineapple Mango
    Caribbean Escape
    Peach Bellini
    Eucalyptus Mint & Rain
    Island Margarita(2)
    NON BBW:
    Glade Something Sweet
    Glade Sparkling Lemonade

    Apple Mango
    Peach Poppy
    Lemon Daisy
    Passionfruit Fig
    Pink Berry Citrus
    Strawberry Hibiscus
    Wildberry Freesia
    Zippy Zebra
    Pineapple Mojo
    Safari Apple
    Hippo Berry
    Swinging Vanilla
    Smart Cookie
    Nerdy Vanilla
    Cheeky Berry
    Coral Reef
    Island Bamboo
    Ocean Pearl
    Sicilian Lemon
    Tuscan Vineyard
    Bella Flora
    Fresh Picked:
    Apple Blossoms
    Island Margarita(2)
    Pink Lemonade
    I Love Cake
    I Love Cookie Dough
    Sugar lemon Fizz
    Vanilla Berry Sorbet
    Ocean Sunset
    Island Nectar
    Caribbean Escape
    Mango Paradise
    Flip flopped Fruit
    Aqua Blossom
    Dancing Waters

  2. On a side note isn't that new Selena Gomez Album Stars Dance, so good? I'm buying my copy at Target(Deluxe Edition)on Tuesday July 23rd. My top 5 favourite songs from the album are: Come & Get it,Slow Down,Save The Day, Music Feels Better,and Lover In Me.

  3. Oh I forgot that I have the Confetti Cake PB, Nice collection of Pocket Backs and Room Sprays,Love how your store them and the Wall Flowers. Definetly looking forward to the Wall Flowers video,Keep up the good work.