Jul 10, 2013

Bath & Body Works More Newness Online!


  1. Yay more Fall Awesomeness .The only candles that need to show up online are: Cinnamon & Clove Bud,Sandalwood Citrus,Bergamot Woods,Tailgate,Harvest Gathering,Harvest Coffee,and Roasted Pumpkin Butter.

    1. Oh yeah Cider Doughnut how could I forget? Cider Doughnut is a definite purchase for sure. I hope if any of the Test Candles make it out of Test Phase that they'll be the following: Pumpkin Woods,Pumpkin Carrot Cake,Pumpkin Hay Ride,Flannel,Coconut Wood and Vanilla Vetiver(not really into the herbal/woodsy ones.) Hopefully the Body Care/Room Sprays/Soaps & Pocketbacs come online real soon as well,hope their packaging is as good as the Candles. Why would they release Sandalwood Citrus,Vanilla Vetiver,Coconut Wood as Fall Scents makes no sense? And Pinecone is more Winter/Xmas instead of Fall. Another dumb thing is Villa Bergamot is being repackaged as "Bergamot Woods"(they could've done another new candle and make one of the test candles a full launch instead.) I already know which candles i want for sure:
      pumpkin cup cake
      pumpkin caramel latte
      blueberry pumpkin patch
      pumpkin pecan waffles
      pumpkin carving
      sweet cinnamon pumpkin
      harvest coffee
      cider doughnut
      I don't really like Spicy/Earthy/Herbal Scented Candles for Fall,I go for the Sweet Bakery/Gourmand Scented Candles in the Fall.