Jul 4, 2013

Bath & Body Works More Newness Online!

Hey everyone!

So I've been looking this morning and have found a few new items online! Definitely grabbing some Black Cherry Merlot Foaming hand soap while it is currently $3.00! I was hoping for a little more to be up since it's the 4th of July but doesn't look like that's going to happen! We are getting so close to the 8th now! I hope each and every one of you have a fantastic 4th of July! Here, it is pouring the rain right now.


  1. Yay for more newness, I'm still hoping the Pumpkin Pb's/Decorative Pumpkin Candle show up in this week online. I believe(could be wrong) that Black Cherry Merlot is suppose to have a matching PB also Vanilla Butter Cream is supossingly coming out on the 8th as well.? on those Tropical Room Sprays why are they $5.50 when normally Room Sprays are $5( I know were paying 50 cents more only but still?) I'm thinking that the Pumpkin Anti-Bacs/Candle will be out Friday or the Weekend(I'm only guessing so I could be wrong.)

  2. The room sprays are old ones (old packaging)that they have brought back. They were $5.50 back when and then the price dropped. Just like with the old oils they used to be more than $5.

    1. I think $5.50 is too much for that small bottle of room spray. I typically only buy them when they have them on sale for $3.00. Plus, I wish they would bring out new and not old. At least if they bring out old, re-do the packaging. That would be nice lol.