Jul 8, 2013

Bath & Body Works Haul #2 For Today + Pics!

Hey everybody!

So I decided to go back to Bath & Body Works today to make sure I didn't miss out on any newness. Earlier, I ended up placing a phone order to get the new PocketBacs. Yay! However, I went to my store and they had 3 of them this time around so I went ahead and bought 3 to smell and show you. I got I Love Cinnamon Buns, I Love Pumpkin, and I Love S'mores. I picked up the new Summer chill lip glosses in Coconut Water Chill, Citrus Orchid Chill, and White Mango Chill. I picked up a Tropical Spice room spray and the matching PocketBacs to the new soaps. I used a free item coupon and got the new packaging - Paris Amore TMC. FYI, the fragrance mists are still $14.00 and the TMC's are still $12.50. Some fragrances got new packaging for the TMC's and FFM's but some didn't. I also got a Fresh Picked bounce back coupon! I also took pictures of things I saw that were new. All is below!

Quick run down on the PocketBacs!
  • I Love S'mores: OH MY GOODNESS! Smells soooo yummy! Smells exactly like S'mores! I can pick up the marshmallow, chocolate, and graham crackers when I smell it. 
  • I Love Cinnamon Buns: Again, smells exactly like what it's trying to imitate! Love this one too but not as much as I Love S'mores!
  • I Love Pumpkin: I like this one! This is a spicy Pumpkin scent. I pick up cinnamon! Love it!
I thought the new packaging/bottle design looked the best on Country Chic! Love it! :)

The SA hooked me up on the coupons which was so nice of her! I talk to her regularly when I go in! She's fantastic and super sweet!


  1. I must say Ms. Kelley, you really rock as a blogger. Keep up the great work. And I love love the pics of everything you share. Thank you. I don't drive so I can only get to the stores on weekends and this just makes me smile to see what I will be buying next. I saw those gift bags this weekend but waited to buy them when I can use the coupons for free stuff.

    1. Thank you so much! Means a lot coming from you because I love and adore your blog! :) Happy to share! I love being able to share all the stuff/pics I can. :)

  2. Wow nice choices you purchased, Those Fall PB's look so good can't wait to pick some up in September along with my Candles/Room Sprays. My UPS order is coming today: Tropical Spice 3 Wick , London Calling 3 Wick ,Tropical Spice Room Spray and all of the Summer Twist PB's (so excited hope I recieve that Fall Coupon.) Keep up the excellent work on this blog and your You-Tube Channel/Facebook Page, Your a Rock Star Blogger keep it up! I see that Fall products are coming into the stores pretty fast it gives me a general idea of what Fall items I want to buy in September.

  3. Hi, Kelley! Again, great blog post and pics! Was the PA TMC more than $12.50? Or is that the old packaging? I'm not a fan of PA, but I am fan of the TMCs so I was just curious if the price went up on those, too.

  4. Hey Anna! Thank you! :) The Paris Amour TMC was still $12.50. Looks like they haven't raised prices on the TMC's or the FFM's. The picture I have of the PA TMC is the new packaging!

  5. That Tropical Spice Room Spray and the 3 Wick Candle of it are simply awesome smelling(I have the Tropical Spice 3 Wick burning in my room currently and I sprayed a little of the room spray of it too. I really love the combination of the cinnamon/rum/vanilla it smells like a tropical paradise in my room right now.) Tommorrow i'm burning London Calling(smells like a Lemon Iced Tea.) I'm impressed with those Summer Twist PB's the best two are Peach Poppy and Apple Mango in my opinion but the other's smell good as well(Pink Berry Citrus for some strange reason smelled very alcoholy but I could still smell the berry/citrus in it though,the other's smelled fine no alcohol smell detected. I didn't get the Fall Coupon in my online order today but did get a Spend $10 get a Free Signature item and a 20% off Online Coupon which is valid til September 8th(which I plan to use for my Fall purchases on 9/1.) Sorry for the long comment/rambling just excited my package came and about all the Fall awesomeness hitting stores/online. Keep up the great job on this blog. PS, after you recieve your Fall Candles are you still planning on doing a Haul Video/Review?