Jul 14, 2013

Bath & Body Works Fall Candles From Yesterday Thoughts/Reviews!

Hey everybody! Here are my quick thoughts on the candles I posted about yesterday! Video review will be coming up tomorrow! Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend! :)
Harvest Coffee
This candle smells exactly like a repackage of Espresso Bar. Coffee beans + a little bit of vanilla to tone down the coffee scent equals perfection!
Vanilla Vetiver
This candle smells like a linen vanilla - Brandon hit the nail on the head when he asked me if it smelled this way. This candle was probably my least favorite.
Coconut Wood
This candle is fabulous! You get a very nice creamy coconut scent with a little bit of that woodsyness type smell. This one gets an A+ from me.
This candle is one of my absolute faves! It kind of reminds me of a tamed down version of Mahogany Teakwood (Abercrombie & Fitch) with bergamot and musk threw in. A very nice, fresh clean scent!
Sandalwood Citrus
The sandalwood is very apparent to me in this candle. However, I also pick up a bit of lemony minty goodness in there. I like this one, don't love it. Not a must-have!
Cedarwood Trail
This scent is kind of odd to me. I just don't care for it. It's woodsy (cedarwood) but it has a noticeable floral note to it as well (neroli). I think it's too perfumey smelling for my taste. It's just odd.
Harvest Gathering No. 4
This candle is great! Very warm and inviting! I pick up cinnamon mainly with the apple note following. I don't smell any pumpkin in it at all. I love this one!
Creamy Pumpkin
I don't have an older Creamy Pumpkin to compare this one too. I really enjoy this candle. Perfect blend of pumpkin and caramel.
Bath & Body Works has done this scent a million times over. It smells like mens cologne. Fresh, clean scent.

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  1. Great reviews. They all sound great but Vanilla Vetiver,Pinecone,Sandalwood Citrus,and Cedar Wood Trail sound kind of boring to me. Harvest Coffee,Harvest Gathering,Creamy Pumpkin,Coconut Wood,Flannel stick out in that list . I really would like Creamy Pumpkin,Flannel,and Coconut Wood to make it out of Test Phase. Pinecone,Sandalwood Citrus and Vanilla Vetiver I feel have been done already in past candles. I saw on FB(B&BW Sistas) someone posted a picture of their candles and depicted was a Fall Fresh Picked Candle called Heirloom Pear not called Fresh Picked Pear like I 1st thought. Now if only we can get pictures of Sage & Cedar,Spice Cider,Cider Lane,Fresh Picked Apple,and Pumpkin Woods then will have seen them all, I still don't understand the reasoning behind releasing Lemon Mint Leaf(Again!), Sandalwood Citrus,Coconut Wood,Vanilla Vetiver,Pinecone,Sage & Cedar,Cedar Wood Trail what do any of these have to do with Fall? When I think Fall I think Pumpkin,Apple,Pear,Blackberry,Cinammon,Nutmeg,Coffee scents. Oh,before I forget are you still doing that Soaps/Room Sprays/Wall Flowers/PB's video? Definetly will watch your review video on these candles tmrw for sure. Keep up the good work. FYI I'm Kevinstmarie on FB and Fragrancelover2012 on Fragrantica in case your interested or wanted to know.