Jul 11, 2013

Another Day, A Little More Newness!

Another day means a few more new goodies from Bath & Body Works! ;)
Hey everybody!


  1. ohhhhhhhh, I LOVE those!!! I can't wait until next fall and I'm married in my own place and I can actually buy and use some of this stuff!!!

    1. Me toooo! I think the owl sleeve is absolutely adorable! :)

  2. Yay more newness love the designs on the soap sleeves and that vanilla buttercream soap sounds real good. I hope this means that soon the pocketbacs and other soaps come online. I don't think will see Body Care/Room Sprays until after the July 29th Pumpkin Event.I believe their's a total of 7 maybe 8 candles that have yet to show up online(obviously not including test candles though.)

    1. Seems they are putting like 3-5 new items daily on their website so we should be getting close to getting PocketBacs and more soaps!

    2. I think were getting extremely close to some of the pocketbacs/soaps(probably the pumpkin ones since the pumpkin home fragrance launches July 29th) as for the non-pumpkin pocketbacs/soaps those will probably be august 5th,19th,and September 9th to conicide with all the other products being released in those months. I'm skipping Body Care/Room Sprays(will wait until the Winter SAS.) I know you ordered several Fall Candles but what else do you plan on purchasing for Fall stuff? Here's what i'm getting in September($40):
      PCL-3 Wick
      PC-3 Wick
      BBPP-4 oz.
      Crimson Plum
      Heirloom Pear
      and finally in October($60):
      Pumpkin Carving- 3 Wick
      SCP- 3 Wick
      Pumpkin Pecan Waffles- 3 Wick
      Pumpkin Apple - 3 Wick
      Roasted Pumpkin Butter-4 oz.
      Seattle Hazelnut Coffee
      Farm Stand Apple
      Honey Crisp Apple
      Sweet Clementine
      Georgia Bourbon Peach
      I hope Pumpkin Carrot Cake,Pumpkin Hayride,Pumpkin Woods,and Creamy Pumpkin make it past Test Phase as I want to own'have every Pumpkin Candle their releasing this year.(I'm Pumpkin obsessed if you couldn't already tell,LOL!)

  3. I wish Cider Donut would show up online...then I would order some candles! UGH.

    1. I know! It's a vey yummy scent! I will definitely order more too once they become available. They are still missing Tailgate, Applewood Bonfire, etc. too.