Jun 13, 2013

Updated Bath & Body Works Fall Info!

Hey everybody!

So ... in regards to my previous post about all the new Fall info ... we now have updates! Courtesy of Cia again, See It Love It Buy It, I told you she finds out all the good stuff and she has found out quite a bit more now! :)

First off, updates to the body care names Sweet Piney Dream and Sweet Delia Rush. The correct names are:

Sweet Dahlia Rush 

Notes: Waild Dahlia, Velvet Plum, Juicy Red Currant, Black Jasmine, and Spiced Vanilla!

Sweet Peony Dream
Notes: Lush Peony Petals, Hibiscus Nectar, Sweet Tangerine Waters, Flirty Pink Amber, and Sugared Musk!

Also, the above body care names are under the trademark "The Girls/Dream Girls!" They will come in the body lotion, shower gel, fine fragrance mist, and the hair glossing spray! 

Second, Cia also found out that the names given in the previous post thought to be lipglosses (which they still are glosses) are also in fact the Fall Fresh Picked Line/Fall Traditions! Supposed to launch August 19th! They are: 

  • Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin 
  • Vermont Honey Apple
  • Aspen Caramel Woods
  • Napa Autumn Blackberry
  • Vanilla Glitz (Lipgloss)
  • Golden Caramel (Lipgloss)
Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin, Vermont Honey Apple, Aspen Caramel Woods, and Napa Autumn Blackberry will all be available in the body lotion, shower gel, fine fragrance mist, whipped shimmer body cream, golden sugar scrub, and lip gloss. I suggested yesterday that I thought Aspen Caramel Woods sounded like it would make an awesome body care and so I'm super stoked that it is in fact going to be part of the body care! I think I will definitely be stocking up on this one!

Third, she found out about another body care. The name isn't confirmed yet. Supposed to release September 9th. It will be available in the body lotion, shower gel, fine fragrance mist, shimmer mist, body soufflĂ©, and SHEER MIST (NEW) <--- EXCITED FOR THAT! ;) 

Amber Blush 
Notes: Raspberry Cordial, Gardenia Petals, Magnolia Blossom, Vanilla Sude, and Crystalized Amber!

Finally, she also found out about the Fall Home Fragrances (Release TBA). Those scents are:
  • Leaves
  • Cider Lane
  • Autumn
  • Marshmallow Fireside
  • Autumn Day
  • Pumpkin Caramel Latte <--- A MUST-HAVE!
  • Pumpkin Cupcake <--- A MUST HAVE!
  • Sweater Weather 
  • Applewood Bonfire
I was kind of hoping for something MORE to the Fall lineup. I've done got most of these, like I'm sure a lot of you do, but I absolutely love PCL and PC! Two of my all time faves! Sweater Weather was a test scent from last Fall and I have one. It's a nice, fresh, clean scent. I like it, I don't love it. Applewood Bonfire is new and sounds like something I'd like if it's more fruity. If it's more like a woodsy, campfire scent then it won't be one I would like unless the campfire smell is more tame like with Marshmallow Fireside or Summertime S'mores! 

Thanks again to Cia! She is the best, like I've said before, about finding out all the juicy details! :)

What are you guys most excited for?????

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