Jun 25, 2013

NEW Victoria's Secret Beach Dreams & Meet Me in Paradise Collections!

Hey everybody!

I hope everyone is having a great Tuesday! Me, well, my husband is off this week so we are enjoying our time together! :) Right now, I'm sitting in my absolute favorite part of my house ... the screened-in porch just relaxing! We recently bought a new set of patio furniture so I'm out here sitting on the love-seat, while my husband looks like he's about to fall asleep in his chair, typing away on my Mac for this blog post to share with you guys the two new VS Collections I received in the mail yesterday.

The 1st new collection is called the VS Beach Dreams Collection. These are limited edition. All three scents in this collection are worth checking out in my opinion. I'm loving all three so much! The packaging is gorgeous and has a "beachy" feel to it. The three fragrance names are:

  • Sparkling Sun
    • Notes: Lemon Chiffon & Sun-Kissed Orchid
  • Beach Dreams
    • Notes: Juniper Berry & Watery Freesia
  • Ocean Bloom
    • Notes: Sea Breeze & Apple Blossom

    Sparkling Sun ~ This smells incredible! I believe it is my favorite out of the three! It smells like a sweet, sugary lemon type scent combined with a nice, soft lovely flower scent! This is to die for, no really it is! It smells that good! Favorite "lemon" fragrance E V E R! VS hit the nail on the head with this one! ;)
    Beach Dreams ~ This one is fruity, smells like strawberry to me, again mixed with a light, fresh floral scent! This one is more floral than the previous one. This one also smells great but doesn't beat my love for Sparkling Sun!
    Ocean Bloom ~ This one smells like salty sea air mixed with just a hint of apple with a tad floral smell to it. Really like this one too! This one is probably my second favorite!

    Next, is the Meet Me in Paradise Collection. I only purchased two of the three scents in this collection. The packaging on these are so CUTE! Loving the navy and hot pink! These are more expensive than the previous collection. This collection is not part of the 5 for $30 deal. These were $20 for each one.
  • Bombshell in Paradise
    • Notes: Island Fig, Passion Flower, & Ocean Cypress
  • Heavenly in Paradise
    • Notes: Tuscan Tangelo, Icy Vanilla Gelato, & Blonde Olive Woods

    Bombshell in Paradise ~ OH MY GOODNESS! This scent is heavenly! It reminds me a lot of the Passion Flower Candle from Bath & Body Works with the fig added in! It's just amazing! GO TRY IT! ;)
    Heavenly in Paradise ~ This scent is a must try too! It smells mostly, to me anyways, like super sweet Vanilla ... LOVE IT! FYI, I dabbed a bit on my wrist yesterday to smell it and it lasted so long! I love its staying power!


  1. I loved the collection too!

    1. Yes! They smell amazing! Thanks for commenting! :)

  2. I am SOOOO disappointed these are no longer available. Sparkling Sun is heaven in a bottle and men go GAGA over it. THEY NEED TO BRING IT BACK.

  3. Ocean Bloom is currently my favorite everyday scent. It smells light, clean, and fresh. It just needs to be reapplied after 2-3 hours since it doesn't last that long (which I don't mind since I love, love, loooove the scent).

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