Jun 29, 2013


Hey everyone!

I just placed an order with the North Georgia Premium Outlet store. Giddy with excitement right now because the wallflower single bulb refills were $2.00 a piece! I'm sure you guessed which scent by the title of this post - Cinnamon Nut Bread! I adore this scent so much! It honestly smells like Banana Nut Bread, in my opinion, and it's just a great scent to stock up on! The SA was very friendly over the phone and was nice enough to give me a tracking number to track my order with. In my experience, I've never been given a tracking number when ordering over the phone from an outlet/test store and so I'm giving this outlet a thumbs up for the extra effort to make my experience an enjoyable one. I will definitely order from this outlet more in the future!

Now the Cinnamon Nut Bread Wallflowers were the reason for my order but I purchased a few more things as well in case you are wondering about prices and would maybe like to place an order!
  • Ordered
    • 3X Dark Kiss Shower Gels @ 75% off
    • 1X Dark Kiss EDT @ 75% off
    • 5X Dark Kiss Wallflowers Single Bulb Refills @ $3.25 each

  • North Georgia Outlet Phone Number
    • 706-216-1889


  1. The team at the North Georgia Premium Outlet are the best. So nice and helpful. I'm lucky that the outlet is just 35miles from me. with so many regular store aroud me I don't go there often enough.

    1. Yes! I was very impressed with them! :) I wish I was as close as you but I'm all the way in Kentucky. Just happy the shipping is always only $6! Thanks for commenting!