Jun 12, 2013

Bath & Body Works Summer Lovin' Collection!

Hey everybody!

So today I received my Summer Lovin' Collection! I was very excited to get these but to be honest, a little disappointed. Sugar Berry Smash is a repackage of Be Enchanted. However, I happen to like Be Enchanted so I'm ok with this even though I would have liked a brand new scent. Melon Mango Twist also smells good but it does smell like another BBW product I can't put my finger on. It's very fruity and you definitely get the Mango and Melon when you smell it. Plum Lily Swirl is my favorite one. I still think it smells like something BBW has done before but still, it's a nice fruity, light floral type scent. I really do like this one! Scent descriptions are below under the photo. :)

Sugar Berry Smash
A playful mix of juicy berries and whipped vanilla that's pure magic!
Mango Melon Twist
A surprising blend of tropical fruits that's a perfect match!
Plum Lily Swirl
A unique combination of alluring fruits and florals that give summer an unexpected twist!


  1. It seems strange that they'd repackage something that's STILL on the shelf...it seems different when they repackage something that has been DC'd or is seasonal...but something like Be Enchanted...I dunno that's strange to me! Can't wait to smell them. :)

    1. I smelled it again last night side by side with Be Enchanted and they aren't the same but very similar! So I started smelling other lotions I had to compare and my final thoughts is if Pink Sugarplum and Be Enchanted had a baby then that = Sugar Berry Smash lol!